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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

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hi everyone!!^^ well today I made it to everyone's site or at least i think so..well I think i made it to everyones...oh well here how everything went..

I woke up and watched T.V and then chaged and then the usual got bored I tried to find something to do but there is no good books to read in my house anymore, there is or was nothing good to watch, my brother had the PS2, i have no games for my PSP...and it was hot here...-____- man I really wish I lived somewhere cold..I am more of a winter kind of person, oh yeah because I am such a winter person I made some poems conserning winter..heres one..


Everything is covered with a white blanket
A little girl makes angels on the soft blanket
that gets bigger when white little flakes come down
The Little Girl softly says to herself "Why is everything so white"
then the girl saw someone white and said
"The answer was simple...
Because death means that someone has come to Heaven
Heaven is white...
White means pure..."
So when the girl turns to an old woman
she dies..just like the leaves that has fallen
and then are covered in snow
she too will see the pure white heaven
And when she sees it
she will see a little girl and say "Why is everything so white"
She will turn to a white angel and tell the girl
That simple answer she heard when she too was a little girl

yeah I know its awful but this is one of my first poems, so don't be too harsh..

well lets see nothing happend after being bored, until I opened a folder with all my pictures, and then I a drew some pictures..-_-

oh and thats reminds me..to Lordsesshomaru's comment about Neji having a curse mark...well to tell the truth I am really not sure..but what could I call it?? a tatto in his forehead..*thinks* I guess that makes sense but I decided to say curse mark..

Ok so where does that leaves me?? oh my mom came to take us (me, my little brother, my little sister) to Sea World but i didn't want to..then when they left I got the laptop and visited you guy sites..and thats it..nothing else to say..except the story that you all wanted to hear about it well...here it is..


There was this rich woman who gave her own money to people in need and when I say her own money I mean it the lady got her money gave it to them. She didn't raise any money and got any monkey from other people she just went to her wallet and gave the money away..she was kind and everything then one day the woman died from cancer
and I know what you are thinking this is just some old hang who died of cancer and helped some people so who cares well the people who she helped all came to her funaral and well the place was crowed from all those hundreds of families the woman had helped and not only that the people actually named a whole street after her!! Yep she helped so many and in return she got a street named after her..

I know the story is short and all, my baby sitter told me this when I asked her about the guy from Sans Frascico who came to San Diego when the fire 4 years ago broke lose and the guy went over here on his own free will and helped put out the fire, unfortunatly he lost his life..*sob* why do the kind always have to end their lives so soon...*sobs some more* well yeah *thinks* well there was this other thing about some kids who were 9-12 from Mexico came to San Diego and gave the fire fighters food, drinks, and they also put some rocks around a place to stop the fire..

I remember clearly how the whole sky turn grey and ashes were falling from the sky and people wouldn't stop caughing...it was sad...but luckly I was our of harms way..unlike the poor families who lost their homes..

Ok thats all i got..-_- wow this post is longer that I thought it would be..i guess you are tired from my non-stop talking so...-__________- ok I really ran out of things to say...


1) Do you remember the fire 4 years ago in San Diego??

2) Have you ever seen a huge fire???

3) Have you ever helped a family who you never meet before??

see ya and take care!!^-^

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