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Monday, July 31, 2006

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Hi all I am finally back home and I forgot to mention that yesterday or is it today -__-' I hate time zones...

I woke up at 10 in the morning and then chaged and went stairt to the computer and visited you guys site. And every once awhile I read the comments you left and laugh!!^^ yup I love reading your comments since they always make me laugh...

Then before dinner some people came and well I had no clue who they were I mean I never meant them except for Briana and her brother and mom but I still didn't know them so well..so I felt really uncomfortable so I do that natural thing for me and I went in the computer room witch I stayed till dinner.

When dinner time came I didn't even want to go down cause there were strangers there and I always stay in my room when things like that happend but since I didn't have a room I wanted to stay in the computer room...my dad made me go down and there I found out that it was his birthday cause I fished eating and then they brought the cake..and guess what!! IT WAS NOT CHOCOTALE!!RIP OFF!! I only eat only one slice since I didn't feel comfurtable with people around me that I never meet before...

After that I went back on the computer and then saw some fan art and then I decided to draw a picture of Neji!! And I liked it so munch a drew another one and it was great!!^^ The i thought about it and then I decided to make my dad a poem and for the ones who want to read it here it goes and for the ones who don't just skip it...

You are always there for me
when I fall you lend me a hand
when I am drowning in a sea of tears
you are there to show me the light

You are the reason why I was brought here
without you I would have never been born
If you weren't there when I needed you
who knows what would have happen

I will always look up to you
You are a kind, strong, and wonderful father
and I am proud to be your daughter

I would never call any other man my dad
cause you are my only father
you may have problems
but I would still love you, my only father

After that I copied it since the original one was sloppy and then even after that I dicided not to give it to my dad just yet because he was hanging out with his friends and brothers and I didn't want to disturb him so I went back on myo and went on sites again you know the usual...

Then it was time to leave and I gave my dad the poem..well we went to drop off Marta (my dad's girlfriend who I just found out) and her kids...then we stopped for some hotdogs there my dad hugged me and said thanks for the poem!!^^ YAY HE LIKED IT!! then we went back on the road and there Jessica (my little sister) and Oscar(my little brother) got in a fight..my sister got mad at me for trying to go to sleep on my pillow that was on Briana..then my brother said that Jessica was always starting things like fights and all then the fight began and my brother threw the soda can at my sister..>.< and then my sister starting hitting him with the elbow and then my dad told them to stop and slapped my sister on her lap.. >.<

Yeah my sister started crying after that and I kept on trying to go to sleep..then Marta and her kids left and my dad had a serious chat with Jessica and Oscar..after that we went to the border and there I told my dad of some stories and one was about the chain...

and for the ones who want to hear about it here it goes..

Once there was a boy who was getting beat up and then another boy helped him out and the boy who gotten beaten up said to himslef..since the kid helped me I will help 7 other people in return..
on his way home he saw a homless guy..

Boy: Hey do you want to go to my home and get something to eat??

Homeless: Why? Is this a joke??

Boy: *shakes head* no just follow me

The boy gave the guy a meal and the homeless guy asked him why he was so kind to a homeless and the boy told him that someone helped him so he will help 7 other people..

then the homeles asked where was his mom and the boy told him that she is not home because her car broke down..later the homeless guy went to the garage and went fixing the mom's car..

Mom: *she came home and sees a guy fixing her car* what are you doing??

Guy: Your son helped me out and in return I will help 7 other people..

so that how it went when it reached this rinch person and the person saw a reported with his car broken..

Rich dude: Here take this car *points to fancy car*

Reporter: Why??

Rinch dude: someone helped me so in return I will help 7 other people..

Reporter: Alright..

So then after that he wondered who was the one who started it so he did some research and asked a few people..and then he went to the young boy's house and knonked on the door..

Mom: Is there something I can help you??

Reporter: Yes I would like to speak to your son..

Mom: Sorry but my son..he died of cancer..

yup thats how it ends the boy who started the chain of kindness died but in return he helped so many people by just helping 7 and there is a moral in the story...and it is that by just helping one that one will help other and soon you will find yourself helping many more...

ok after that well nothing I mean i then came home so yeah nothing else to say..


1) Do you like chocolate cake??

2) Have you ever forgotten someone's birthday??

3) did you read the poem? If so did you like it??

See Ya and take care!!^^

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