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Sunday, July 30, 2006

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Hi all!! Well I made it to almost everyones site today!! And i have to thank my uncle's computer..

OK in the morning I was ticked off that i had to take a bath in the morning, no i am not a pig..i just don't like taking baths in the morning while everyone is rushing around getting ready to leave...and did i forget to mention that someone flushed the toilet when i was taking a bath...yep and of course the water turn icy cold...

Then after that we waited for mom to come and pick us up...just waiting..and waiting and being bored then my mom came and rushed to take a bath..and we (me, my brother, sister,and baby sitter) whent to put our things in the back of the car..

And the usual happend..my mom went to get some money in the bank and then went to the mall with my sister to buy the a present, oh yeah did i forget to say that my aunt finally had her very first baby!! And today they were going to take him (the baby was a boy) to the church to umm..i forgot what it was called but it was special anyway...while my mom and sister were gone the rest of us moved our stuff so my brother can go to that back of the car so we all can fit...

After that we went to Mexico while signing the cards...and I told my mom " Mom our last name should be The Last Minute Family" I had a good point since my whole does things in the last minute...after that we made it there and me and my cousins hanged out and we meat a girl who had the same name as my mom...

The some dogs showed up and we all started chasing them since there was nothing else to do..and there was a chocolate mini fountain where we put out marshmellows in before we eat them!!^^

then it was time to go and we went to my mom's mom...and stayed there for awhile then I went with my cousins and brother and sister to my cousin's house and stayed there for awhile..

Then I had to go and now I am here in my dad's parents house...nothing here to do I mean there is no one but me my brother and sister around our age...*sigh* and i missed Naruto..well I will live i guess...

One more thing I once again have to thank Flowerkiss to take away the countdown thing since it made it hard for some people to read my updates..so thank you Flowerkiss!!^^


1) HAve you ever eaten a chocolate coverd marshmellow??

2) Have you ever been to Mexico??

3) Have you ever been forced to go somewhere you hate to go??

See Ya and take care!!^^

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