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Monday, July 24, 2006


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hi once again...lets see nothing to say except last night i had a super starge dream..and for the ones who want to know what it was here you go....

Ok I was at school (or wahtever) we were (the class) sitting in these old school desks (you know from the time when there was only one class room for 1-6 or something) and then the teacher came (and the teacher looked exactly like one of the sensei's from Naruto!!) and then there was an ambush (i know i know i need help with my spelling!!) and then someone got me and...

Guy: You coming with me!!

me: *sees someone i know* Please let me speak to my sister!! Please!!

guy: *lets go of me*

Me: *goes to my cousin who i said was my sister (yep my cousin was in my dream and guess what she was doing while we were being attacked...eating candy!!!) then takes candy from her and then I throw it at the guy and then grab him by the neck and put my kunai or something (i think it was shuriken -_- no i think that was something else)

The after that when I was about to make a threat I found my slef turn to a stuffed WEASEL!!! Yep you heard me...a weasel!! and a stuffed one!!

And thats not it..i was in this uummm...lets see it was ok you guys know of the story of how some people made a horse and they put people in it and when...yata yata...you know that thing well this was the same thing but it was shaped like a human and made of skin!! no not human more like wolf (since it was white and that was the first thing in my mind) and guess where i was...at the foot!! with a lot of weasels

Me in stuffed weasel: O.o*sees outside since it was not sewed right and then sees some weasels falling cause the human thing shaped thing was climbing up this cliff.* I am dommed!! *gabs something so not to fall of*

Oh yeah then i saw this rope where some animals were holding on to...reason why...they didn't want to fall so if you are lucky enough when you fall all you have to do if grab the rope and pray that the lion won't eat you and you won't fall again

then after that I say a weird statue that looked like some of our past presidents...then another statue of someone i don't know...and then guess what!! I saw the liberity bell!!!yep not joking!!

Me still weasel: O.O WTF!!

then when we finally made it we were in this weird place...there was a swing and well it was a tree house!! and guess what!! I turned human..but i wasn't me...nope becuase i am a girl but in my dream..i was a BOY!!!

Me as a boy: O.o where is this place??

someone: come on!!

that someone was this a girl and she was really pretty (and how much a envy her..she is pretty with her brown hair and light skin and was super skinny!! gggrrrr...)oh yeah one more thing...the person i was had a crush on her!! yep i know weird..its bad enough that i was a boy..but a boy who liked a girl...(me:O.O this is the weirdest dream ever!!)

after that i was hagging out with my 'friend' and then after that she called her parents and her parents came...

really!! I nearly died by climbing that cliff and we could have just walked!! i mean there was a street and everything!! and where we climbed was i the snow!!

after that everybody turn into humans!! (everyone was an animal) and just before they took the picture i woke up...

really!! A WEASEL!!!

oh yeah ummm..i found this in Youtube and i liked it so much i decided to put it in my post!!^_^

^_^ aren't the furries so cute!!

oh yeah since I am so bored heres one of my favorite AMVs

yeah well thats it...


1) What was your weirdest dream??

2) Do you go to Youtube??

3) In your dreams have you ever turned into the opposite genger??

Ok see ya!!^_^ and i am sorry for all the bad spelling!!

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