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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Chapter 3...

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Yugioh:HI!!!Today is sunday and that means a new chapter!!

Ninetails:could we get this over with!!!

Maya:Could you just wait for one second!!

Yugioh:Guys don't fight now!!

Maya:Must destroy ninetails!!!

Ninetails:Must destroy maya!!!

Yugioh:This is starting to get old...I guess i have to start the comic...
Ummm....I am the new replacement for the guy who is not in the story but you read what the guy says anyway...Well back to the comic...

It was a sunny day...


Hey!!! could I just finish the beginig!!

Yugioh:Sure just ignore my screaming of pain...OUCH!!

I really have to get a raise...well at least this is better than baby sitting that little girl that is pure evil.Even now that little girl with the little pink dress and little pink shoes and a matching pink bow still give me nightmares...Well back were I was saying...It was a sunny day and...


Ninetails:This is why they make you sign a contract that says that whatever happends they are not to blame...

Maya:what did Yugioh did this time?

I really need a raise...

Nietails:While you whent to get food we saw a sign that said "Come If You Dare!!! See The Porkiepines Of Doom!!"

Maya:Let me guess..you guys whent and yugioh trip and the porkiepines attacked her...

Ninetails:Yep (taking out one of the quills in Yugioh's arm)


Ninetails:I told you to watch out for the peble, but noo...you ignored me and look what happend to you!!!

Yugioh:Fine i made a mistake!!!Now that the rest of those...OUCH!!!

Ninetails:OK...(trying to not to laugh to hard)
....A few min later........
Maya:Guys where are we?

Yugioh: I check...OUCH!!! You did not on purpose!!

Ninetails:i did not!!! (looking away)

Maya:Yugi the map...

Yugioh:Oh yeah...(now that the quills are taken off she looks in her backpack)

Now while Yugioh looks in her backpack something else is going on......

Voice:You two lost them!!!

Jess:we are sorry, master...

Voice:sorry!!!Thats all you could say!!?!!

Since you cannot see were we are I guess I have to tell you guys...Jess and Matty are on their knees in a dark room where the only light is coming from the torches on the walls.And on the end of the room where the voice is coming from is a throne , there a person is sitting. Now if you see cartoons or animes when the villan is with a guy who is the boss and they only show the outline of the boss, becuase they are in a dark room and everything...Well back to the story...

Matty:We beg for your forgiveness,master.

Voice:I let you live, but on one condition.

Jess:Whatever you what we will do it,master (master this and master that when are we ever going to stop saying master!!!)

Voice:good,now the condition is simple...just destroy those 3!!!

Matty & Jess:We will not fail you..

Ok back to the others....

Yugioh:Ok i found it!!!(waving the map in the air)


Yugioh:It says that there is a town near by...

Maya:Great!!!we could get some suplies there!!!

Yugioh:I guess we are going there.

But in the exact momet when yugioh finish talking an Evee appeared.

Ninetails:Finally a battle!!!

Yugioh:Well the town could wait...

Maya:Why is there a fight every day?

Yugioh:Ninetails go!!

Ninetails uses tackle...evee dodges..

Evee:come on you guys are making this too easy

Yugioh:Ninetails use tackle, again!!!

Evee:Again?(dodges again)This is too easy.

Yugioh:Now ninetails use your flame thrower!!!

Ninetails use her flame thrower and it is a direct hit!!!

Maya:and evee fainted!!

Yugioh throws a pokiball and catches evee

Yugioh:cool now i got a new friend!!!

maya:and now we got someone to start the comic whe we are fighting!!!

Ninetails: and now we better go to the town.

Yugioh:yeah you are right we better go to the center.

Later at the center...

Mrs.Joy:welcome to the center...

Yugioh:Hi!! i was wondering if you could take care of my pokemon while i go shopping.

Mrs.joy:of course but you will need money to shop.

Yugioh:what do you mean....(turnig to see her reflection on the mirror)

well since you cant see her right now i guess i have to tell you how she looks..well her hair i light brown that reaches to her waist and she has light skin.And now for what she is wearing...she has a black t-shirt that reaches to her knees and some pant that are a bit dirty and are rip on the end that are a lot bigger than yugioh.now if you put these things together you will get yugioh and you will see why Mrs.joy thuoght she was a poor.

Mrs.joy:dont worry i get some money for you..

Yugioh:you dont need to i am not poor...really

Mrs.Joy:ok (taking yugioh's pokemon in)

then a few min later...

Mrs.Joy:here you go!!

yugioh:thank you!!

A few min later...

Yugioh:I guess i have to get some more suplies...

Yugioh is walking down the street with some food in her backpack when she saw a store for pokiblock..and got in


Voice:Welcome To PokiBlock Center

Yugioh:a center for pokiblock

Voice:yes mam,i am Mr.Wak

YUGIOH:ok Mr.wak well is there anything i could buy with this money(showing her money)

Mt.Wak:Yes here you go(showing some pokiblock)

Yugioh:thank you i take those 2 please!!

Mr.Wak:no thank you,

Yugioh:now that i have some food i guess i have to get some clothes or people will think i am a beggar

Mr.wak:i have some clothes that you may want

Yugioh:oh thank you (since she is now broke)

Mr.wak:Here you go and you can have the cap (handing yugioh some clothes)

Yugioh leaves store and goes to center

Mrs.Joy:How did it whent?

Yugioh:Just fine

A few min. later

Yugioh is in her new clothes and cap

Yugioh:i look like a boy!!!

Mrs.Joy:well everyone will know you are a girl becuase of your hair. and here you go (handing Yugioh her pokemon)

Yugioh:they gonna laugh at me

Then they heard screaming...

Yugioh and Mrs.joy and saw something they will never forget.......

A GIANT COW!!!!!!!!

Mrs.Joy:we got to stop it!!!

Yugioh:HEllo to mrs.joy this is a giant cow!!!

Mrs.JOy:yugioh you must stop it!!

Yugioh:why me!!!

Mrs.joy:becuase you are the only travaler here and nobody knows you so...when you die nobody will notice...

Yugioh:now that was mean...but i guess i should stop it..

Cow:MOOO!!!must mooo find weird moo girl and destroy her!!

Yuigoh:HEy you!!!

Cow looks down

Cow:are you the weird girl that has a weird name that is Yugioh?

Yugioh:my name is Yugioh but i am not weird!!!!

Ninetails gets out of het pokiball

Yugioh:hey get back in your ball!!

Ninetails:I dont want to


Cow:you are the girl!!!

Yugioh:I am not WEIRD!!!

Ninetails:yes you are!!

Yugioh:no i am not!!!

Ninetails:Yes you are!!!

Cow:if the girl is not weird before well now she is but i not say it out lund or i will regret it...ops....

Yugioh:what did you say about me!!!


Jess:just destroy the weirdos fool!!!


Cow uses maga punch..

Yugioh:aaaaaaaahhhhh!!! you are going to pay for that!!!

Ninetails:we better get the others

Yugioh:ok..Go maya go evee!!!

Maya:another fight!!!

Evee:finally a fight..there is no way i will lose to a cow!!!

MAya:not even to a 456feet cow..

Evee:not even that!!!

Yugioh:Ninetails use flame thrower and Maya use thunder blot and evee use tackle!!!

And the followed their oders and the attacks were a direct hit!!

There is a explosion...

Cow:mooo i cant lose to a chickmock!!!

Evee:i am not a chickmock!!!

Maya:but you do kinda look like one....


jess:you will pay!!!


Maya use thunder blot on jess but missed and hit matty

Matty:hey what did i do to you!!

Maya:i was trying to get the ld lady!!

Jess:I am not old!!!

Matty:but you do kinda look like an old lady.....


Um...you could guess what happend next and you dont i guess i have to tell...Jess and Matty are fighting while Yugioh and her pokemon goes away....

Yugioh:well that was weird

Maya:yeah.....whats the next town

Yugioh:I think it is called Yuli

Ninetails:is there a gym leader there

Yugioh:yes....well we better get going...

Evee:umm guys...

Ninetails:what is it

Evee:what happend to the cow..

Maya:ummm...(looking at yugioh)

Yugioh:i have no idea.....

Well right now the story ends but we take this monmet to see what happend to the cow...

Miles away from planet earth there is a moon and look what is jumping the moon....it is a giant cow!!!

Well i guess that the explosion made the cow go up in the air and jumped up the moon...

Well thats all folks...wait thats the wrong line...well anyway this is the end and now i will go and ask for a raise.....


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