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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chapter 1......

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Yugioh:hi!! I am yugioh or well thats what all my friends call me. well i saw a lot ( well a few)"comics" and i thought to make one of my own. well if you think this is the worst thing you ever read just email or Pm and tell me to stop, ok. if you see any mistakes just comment me ok?

Ninetails: what are you doing yugi?(yugi is another name for me)

Yugioh:this is ninetails she is one of my bestest friends...... and my pokemon

Ninetails: oh yeah today is the day you are going to do your comic and if everything goes well you will finally follow your goal

Yugioh: yes and you are not suppose to say that this small comic is the only thing that will help me become am author and hopefully one of my novels become a movie and one of my comics become a show!!

Pikachu:oh today is the day!!

Yugioh: that is pikachu everyone calls her maya

pikachu: i take that as a yes..

Ninetails: ok now that thats over could we please start the comic....

Yugioh: fine..


It was a bright shiny morning and a


Hey you let me finsh the intruduction!!!!!!!

Ninetails: well it is not our fault that we are being chased by monkeys!!!!!

Maya: it is Mankeys!!!

Yugioh: just run!!!!!!!!!

Ninetails: whos bright idea was to go to the jungle that has the sign "Do not Enter Angry Mankeys Live here And They Do Not Like Girls Who Have Weird Name"

Yugioh:hey it is not my fualt that my parents gave me a weird name!!

Maya: aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! they are attacking!!

Mankeys: must destroy wierd girl!!!!!!!

Yugioh: i am not weird it just my name that is weird!!!

ninetails: i dont think they are silening!!!

Mankey: not licening!!!!!

Yugioh: ok......weird.....

Maya: this day is just getting worser by the minute.

Ninetails: why dont you just shut up!!!!!!!

Maya: make me!!!!!aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Yugioh: ninetails stop trying to kill maya!!!!!


Yugioh: nine.....aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!1

mankeys are chancing yugioh up a tree....

Yugioh:aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! help!!!!!

Maya: hey, i thought that you could not climb a tree

Yugioh: i had no choice (not looking at her)

Maya:same here.....(looking down)

Yugioh:waht ar.....( looks at maya) ..... ninetails stop trying to.........

Ninetails: i am not trying to kill her i am trying to eat her!!!!! (saying it with drooling mouth)

Maya: help!!!!!!

Yugioh: at least ninetails cant climb unlike Mankeys(pushing a Mankey of the tree)

Maya: yeah..aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Maya fell of tree...

Ninetials: now i got you!!!!!!

Yugioh: hey guys could you stop

Ninetails: aaawwww!!! (with maya's tail in her mouth)

Maya: put down the tail!!!

Yugioh: guys help!!!

Maya: only if ninetails helps two

Yugioh: ninetails help!!!!!!

Ninetails: tell me one good reason why i should help you

Yugioh: if you dont i black mail you!!!!!

ninetails: i have nothing to hide!!!!

Yugioh: not even Mr.Ham!!!!

Ninetails: you would not tell that i sleep with a ham every night!!!!!!

Yugioh: i can and i will plus you just said that!!

Ninetails: what!!!!! oh man!!!

Yugioh:now help or i tell abou...........

Ninetails uses flametrower on mankeys

Mankeys: hot hot hot!!!!!!!

Maya uses thunder bolt!!!!!!1

Yugioh: thanks guys, but you could have help me sooner.

Ninetails: could you just say thank you like a normal person!!!!!!!!!

Yugioh: are you saying that i am not a normal person!!!!!!!

Maya: guys cool down!!! ( yugioh has a problem when people say she is not normal)

Ninatails: No, i am saying that you are a weird person with a weird name!!!!

Yugioh: thats it!!!!!

Maya: well thats it.....

Now ninetails and yugioh are in the hospital becuase they fought....

maya: well i told you

Yugioh: just shut up....

Well thats that till next time....

Ninetails: hey you .....

Now what.....

Ninetails: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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