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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Do not remove credits!

All you have to do is copy and paste the layout.You will need to paste everything in your Post Styles and check the Slow but advanced customization.Also you will need to remove everything in your profile.Then go to your Edit Styles and put #XXXXXX in all the boxes.that should do it.

Pretty much everything on the layout is hosted as far as images and whatnot.

Replace the Navigation and Link to anything you want.

You may remove the Introduction part if your not going to use it.Remove everything from the < !--Start Introduction-- > to < !--End Introduction-- >

If you need help with the comments please email me at puppyinuyasha311@hotmail.com

7 years of bad luck

I just noticed that I am still thinking of new "hellos", how long do you think I shall keep this up??

There is a reason why my opening says "7 years of bad luck". The reason is simple my sister fell out of bed and broke the mirror with her foot. Now don't worry, she is alright, and no its not her complete fault. I "helped" her fall. When she hit the mirror I was scared if her foot might be cut or something so I was like "Jessica!! Are you alright? I'm sorry, so sorry!! Are you bleeding????" But then she started laughing and saying "I got 7 years of bad luck" *sigh* unfortunatly I sorta started laughing, but when we told mom she heard us laughing and that sorta pissed her off. When we were sent to tell Luis I tried to back out, but my sister saw me and I brought back in the room. Unfortunatly my sister started crying and left, leaving me all alone. I was like "Hey!! Don't leave me!! You cry baby!! I was only telling the truth!!" I said that I didn't laugh at first, but she thought that I didn't at all laugh, but she didn't even let finish!!

Anyway, it is four pm here, though I started the post at 9 something AM. I went with Luis (my step dad) and my sis to see the movie "The Bridge to Terabithia" it ALMOST made me cry, while my sis cried, and a bunch of other people cried too. The reason why? cause...well I rather not say anything about what happend to that certain someone. Luis also bought me a manga (Stubasa Vol 4) though I want to get Xxxholic Vol 4, since there is a lot of crossovers I want to read Stubasa, then go straight to Xxxholic.

We also went to see the cars. I liked the van though, but the Suveran (I probably spelled that wrong, eh, I always spell the cars names wrong) was great. So yeah, we might buy one.

Radom Part Of The Day
The following conversation happend right now when I was hanging up my FMA calendar
Me: *about to sneeze*
My sis: WHoa its dusty *dusting some of the curtains*
Me: *sneezes at my sis's direction*
My sis: AAAAAAHH!! You sneezed at me!!


1) Ever broke something?

See ya and take care!!^^

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