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Saturday, February 3, 2007

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Hello Everyone!^_^

Zi-kun! Its been a long time since I heard from you! I missed you! *hugs* I thought you died or something. Oh and Sailor Venus, the name of the song is Angels by Within Temptation

Now for my day. >__< I can't remember. Well in PE (I think that is the only thing I could remember from my school day) we had to be in teams, (oh and Luke is still a boy just for you guys to know) I got stuck with Jakob! Some short kid, and my friend Danille and some other kid got stuck with him too. Oh and Jakob is the captain!!

I hate talking bad of people, but its so hard not to get angry and ready to scream a bunch of insult at him. He is so annoying, he wanted to name us The Lakers, no one but him wanted it, since no one else was thinking up names for our team I just shouted out of radom things, "Run-Away Pie! Or maybe Dark Blood!!" and so on. After awhile everyone wanted to be Dark Blood since that was the only thing that sounded not dorky, and was not already taken by another team. But Jakob ignored us and told the teacher we were the Lakers. I would have been okay if everyone else picked Lakers, but only Jakob wanted to be called the Lakers. *rolls eyes* I kept my mouth closed as everyone else was getting angry at him. I never had insulted him (which is probably why he picked me first to be in his team) and I didn't want to start now, like I said before I hate talking bad of people.

Other than that I got my report card. I got 2 As and everything else was Bs or Cs except one D- It was science >__< The reason for it was cause well I couldn't remember any of the vocab words. Why do the words have to be so long?? And when I started going to the school everyone was in some unit that I didn't know. How was I suppose to catch up with my work when I didn't even know what was going on? So not fair. My mom got mad at me, why me? When my sister got a F she didn't say anything!!! Its just so not fair!!

There is one good news, my mom took us to the book store! (luckly my mom promised us to take us to the bookstore yesterday or past yesterday) I got Naruto, Xxxholic, and FMA!^-^ I missed reading manga!

Radom Part Of The Post
Instead of something radom what about a poem?

The Butterfly

By Ivon [instert my last name]

I smile at it
It flies peacefully
never wondering about what it left behind

The butterfly
born as soemthing else
turns to this beuatiful creature

How I envy it
while it flies to its unwaiting future
I watch it go

The Butterfly
flies like it was the last day of its life
for maybe it is

I wonder
will I ever see it again?
will I ever be able to see another beutiful thing tomorrow?

The Butterfly
so pure
flying to the never ending sky

While I watch it from the land
wondering how it must feel to be so pure
gracefully flying high up like it was the day of its life

The butterfly
dancing around in the air
never thinking of its troubles

I watch it disappear
wondering what it is thinking
as it flies peacefully around

The poem is based on the butterflies I used to see, they always fly around in our background in our old home.


1) Do you have a backyard? If so do you have a garden?

2) Do you own any manga? If so how much do you have?

See ya and take care!!^^

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