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Thursday, February 1, 2007

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Hi Everyone!

Okay, today I can't say nothing much happend, cause something really happend or might happend I should say. I start from the morning, the morning was the same, it was freezing cold. Me and Sakulat were freezing up while my two other friends were on the monkey bars. I don't know why, but I am always the one who carries someone's stuff, like when Jerzera was putting on her jacket i was the one who had to had to carry her backpack. I didn't care of course...

During Social Studies everyone was talking while as usual I was the only one who didn't talk. It sorta feels lonely after awhile...

After in PE we played basket but only half court, and it was 3-2. The only girl other than me in our team was scared of the worms that was around the court. So I kept saying "Worms are cute! Mostly when you cut them in half and they still move!!"

During Langue Arts (in other words English) my teacher gave a project, which means we have to do a rap song. Well before she gave us the assignment she talked about Freedom Writers and such which was strange cause the highlight of my day was about two gangs...

Okay here it is, after PE someone told me that after school (probably was yesterday, but I am not sure when it will be) there will be two gangs who will fight in some dark part of the school (somewhere around the PE area) and they will fight and will shoot with guns! The someone who told me made me swear not to tell anyone, but I just couldn't take it. I mean what if someone died?

So since after PE I have english, I gave a note to my teacher when everyone was talking about the Rap song, and I told her not to open it right now, cause there was a group near by. After she was in her desk and no one around my teacher read it. Right when everyone left the teacher told me to stay for a minute. She asked me some questions (she didn't ask me who I got it from, just where exactly the fight is going to be)

Radom Part Of The Post

The Pink Marshmellow Eat The Yellow Hippo


1) Do you think I did the right thing giving the note to my teacher even though it swore not to tell anyone? I mean the person did tell me not to tell anyone, and not give a note that has everything what the person said....

See ya and take care!!^^

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