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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just Some Poems

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Forgot to add that I made some poems, you don't need to read this.

My Love

My love, yes I remember him
I gave him my heart
How foolish I was back then

My love, yes I remember his words
"I will love you till I die"
How foolish I was to believe him

My love, yes I remember what he did
I gave him everything he asked,
How foolish I was to let him have his way

My love, yes I remember what I saw
I was shocked to see him to be with her
How foolish I was to believe his lie

My love, yes I remember what he gave me
I cried for days, yet he did nothing
How foolish I was to cry for him

My love, yes I remember what I did...
I stopped crying, for I found out I never loved him
How foolish I was to ever believe him, but now he is the foolish one
(this is the poem for english)
Two Lovers

Alone in the woods
a peaceful hide away
two lovers meet

Such a romatic sight
true love is so beutiful
two lovers kiss

So much happiness
alone in the woods they meet
two lovers forever in love

Time passes quickly
they change
yet even time didn't change their love

Alone in the woods
two graves of two lovers
even in death their love is still the same

Okay, thats all I got, now go read my other post!

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