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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Do not remove credits!

All you have to do is copy and paste the layout.You will need to paste everything in your Post Styles and check the Slow but advanced customization.Also you will need to remove everything in your profile.Then go to your Edit Styles and put #XXXXXX in all the boxes.that should do it.

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Hi Everyone!^^

I didn't do anything today. I spent most of the day on the computer. I updated my site in freewebs. I put up some more midis and such (click on the link under the pics) This is gonna be a short post. Guess what! Today I got a letter from poetry.com that said my poem is gonna be published!^-^ The poem is this

I listen to these voices in my mind
these voices remembering me of memories

Memories of far away places
these memories grow faint

Memories of people that I remember
memories of people that grow faint in as time pass

I remember these memories
memories that I know will never be forgotten

As time comes and goes
these memories comes and never goes away

These memories of laughter, of sadness, of joy
these memories that I forever keep

Yeah, thats pretty much it, oh yeah today/tomorrow I am going to school (I didn't have school today/yesterday)
Nealy forgot to mention, I found this site (well my friend Mewmewichigo) where you can make vids for free, I made this, but its yaoi (boyxboy) and I sorta messed up a few parts..

Radom Saying
(Me and my sis were singing this since we finally had no school while our brother still had school)
We have no school, on monday, but has to go, because we are luckier and he is stupid. We make fun of him as he off to school, because he is stupid. Hahaha


1) Do you sleep walk?

2) What would you do if a monkey fell on you?

3) What is your worst memory?

See ya and take care!^^

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