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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Do not remove credits!

All you have to do is copy and paste the layout.You will need to paste everything in your Post Styles and check the Slow but advanced customization.Also you will need to remove everything in your profile.Then go to your Edit Styles and put #XXXXXX in all the boxes.that should do it.

Pretty much everything on the layout is hosted as far as images and whatnot.

Replace the Navigation and Link to anything you want.

You may remove the Introduction part if your not going to use it.Remove everything from the < !--Start Introduction-- > to < !--End Introduction-- >

If you need help with the comments please email me at puppyinuyasha311@hotmail.com

Hello Everyone!^-^

Do you like my new theme? I noticed that I haven't had a "girly" theme yet, so why not now? Unfortunatly yellow was the only thing I could use since everything else was way too pink. Too much pink is evil. Anyway I want to thank Mel and Mewmew for helping me out. I am currently just finished watching Trinity Blood and now Bleach!^-^
Past yesterday me and my mom got into a aurgument. My sis saw Karina on myspace and I was behind her looking at whatever she was doing since I was bored, and then my sis said "You guys are in myspace I'm telling mom!!" then she came back and said that I needed to go down stairs cause my mom wanted to talk to me. Then I got my mom mad cause she thought I was trying to start a big aurgument, but in truth I was defending myself blindly. I mean I didn't know what my sis said to my mom and I didn't know what my mom was talking about. In the end I made my mom cry >_< It isn't my fault. I didn't mean to make my mom cry. And my mom is saying that I am going to see a phycatarist, I know I spelled it wrong, its the person you talk to so they could help. I still don't know why. Whats wrong with me??? My mom says I don't think about positive things, does that mean I am being emo? But I am happy, and so what if I believe that the world is neither good or bad? I mean when someone is born someone else dies, its good that someone else is born but its not happy when someone dies. *sigh*
Yesterday Karina (my step sis), Luis (step dad), my brother, and me went to go some park so Karina could go to softball tryouts. I keep screaming "go karina!!" when it was her turn. Then after she was done we went to eat at Wendy's there I got a burger with beacon (I always get something with beacon) and then I got some chocolate ice cream. Afterwards nothing much. Everyone else went to see Arthur and the invisibles while me and Karina stayed behind. Tomorrow (or Today) we are going with Luis to see Pan's Lybrith (sorry if I spelled it wrong) *sigh* my mom is being cranky, I mean she is usually nice and happy, but now she is short temptared and everything.

Radom Part Of The Post

The Magical pink elephant stole the purple marshrooms pizza

B-I-N-G-O B-I-N-GO B-I-N-G-O bingo was his name

Answers To Questions
Vigro angel asked, "what's your fav. anime?" Thats a hard one, at first it was Yugioh, but now there is only Yugioh GX (which I don't like) so I guess it is between Yugioh, Naruto, Bleach or Trinity Blood


1) Do you like my theme? And are you able to hear the music playing?

2) Do you watch Chobits?

3) Name a brand of shoes? Do not repeat the answer so don't put the same answer as someone else

See ya and take care!^^

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