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Monday, January 15, 2007

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Hi everyone!!^^

My weekend went alright, my dad's girlfriend dropped my sis and I with our grandparents house there we eat pizza and spagetti!!^^ Every time we go to my grandparents house we either eat pizza or KFC. My sis was eating a bunch of pizza, I mean she nearly eat a whole box of pizza, so I start saying "Jessica (my sis) stop eating so much! You are going to explode!!!" my grandpa started laughing at that. Oh yeah did I ever tell you that I always start saying "Penguno!" (penguno - penguin) which is why everyone calls me penguna, (penguna - female penguin)

At night time it was freezing cold!! Me and my sis had to share the room and were so cold... >_< we could sleep cause we kept kicking the air cause our feet were super cold. When we woke up in the morning guess what!! We could see our breath!!

When we were going back to the US (we were in Mexico) we had to wait a 30-45 minute border line, we were so lucky for that cause usually it takes about 2 hours to get back to the US. Unfortunatly we forgot to get our IDS and our birth certificates from our mom, so my dad had to say that he forgot them in a folder...my dad is such a liar. Nearly forgot to mention that while we were waiting in line we saw a car filled withb guys who were either idiots or drunk or maybe both cause one of them put their feet outside the window and then two of them came outside and sat on the back of car and put their feet one the car behind them. I thought that was so rude, mostly when there was an old lady wearing rags begging for money with two little kids. I also saw a young lady carrying a little baby while taking care of two kids and begging for money with an old Mc Donalds cup.

When we were in the US we were about to go to some highway but then suddenly the just stopped. It said check engine, but my dad didn't know what to check for. I mean everything went alright then suddenly it wouldn't work, my dad called our uncle Alex for help when he came he got some chain the connected dad's truck to his then my dad started driving our uncle's car while our uncle drove dad's truck. My uncle was worried cause we had to go to a stop light thing and if got a red light then my dad has to stop which would mean that dad's truck would crash cause my dad's truck can stop, but luckly for us the light turned green. Then we waited for my mom to pick us up. When we were picked up by my mom and her boyfriend she said that there was a baby bird right infront of our door step under the light (the light form the lightbuld that we have right infront of our front door) it was 3 AM and it was super cold, my soon to be step dad (my mom's boyfriend) saw the poor thing and took it in the washer place, since it was warm and then my soon to be step dad (I'm going to call him Luis now, since my fingures are getting numb from all the typing I am doing) went to give some food to our puppy, when he came back, the poor little bird was looking at Luis like it was about to die

Then the little birdy kept looking at Luis till it just put its small head down and went to heaven...

*sob* it was so sad....but my sis and brother were fighiting while my mom told us...they are so rude that they just ignored the whole story!! Poor thing, but atleast when it died it was warm and the bird wasn't alone, right?

Since my mom is nagging at me I'll post the poem that I made for the poor little birdie and the other one for the people I saw at the border


1) Have you ever been to Mexico? If so do you feel sad for the people who have to beg for money and food at the border?

2) Do you have a car? If so have it ever suddenly stop working?

See ya and take care!!^^

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