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Friday, June 10, 2005

   w00t w00t!!!
Okay....yeahh...i decided...I <3 ANiME AGAiN!!!You can officially thank SETO KAiBA!!!!!!!!(he's not a member..i meant the character LOL)It's because yesterday i was looking through Quizilla and...there was this REALLY REALLY REALLY great fan-fic that this girl is still writing!!!I read all 81 parts LOL Here's the url
http://www.quizzila.com/users/catcharla/quizzes/An Affair With Seto Kaiba
I absolutely fell in love with him and the story again!!!So yeah,i'ma still be on myO!!!!Sorry for the alarm yesterday x] oh yeah i changed my e-mail -_-; sorry Ishimaru LOL it's
I <3 Seto so much now..and I still love Jou but not as much as I used to..
~~~~~~~MUCH PROMISED SKIT~~~~~~~
Minako:Tea..I have to tell u something.
Tea:Okay Minako!What is it?
Minako:I think...I think I am falling in love with Seto.
Tea:*gasp*Really!?!But I thought u and Jou--
Minako:Yeah..I know..I don't..I don't know though..
Jounouchi:*pokes head in*Hey guys!Whatchu talking about?
Yugi:*appears next to Jou*Yeaah what are you guys talking about?
Minako:Umm...Joey..I have to tell you something..*looks at Yugi and Tea who are listening intently*Privately.Alone.
Joey:*blush*Uh-uh o-okay..alone?
Tea:*grabs Yugi's hand*C'mon let's go to the ice cream shop!!!!You guys want anything?
Minako:We'll catch up.
*Tea and Yugi run off to the IC shop*
Minako:*sits under a tree*Come here Jou.
Jounouchi:Okay..*joins Minako*
Minako:*sighs deeply*Joey..this won't be easy..and..I..
Jounouchi:*holds Minako's hand*What is it?You can tell me Mina..
Minako:Jounouchi...*tears in eyes*
Jounouchi:Minako what's wrong?*hugs Minako*
Minako:*pulls away*Joey...you were my real love..and I never knew love til there was you..But..
Jounouchi:*looks down*But you love someone else?
Minako:*tears run down her face*Oh Jounouchi..I-I-I'm so sorry.....*reaches for Jounouchi*
Jounouchi:*voice breaking*Who is it?
Jounouchi:*looks down*Seto Kaiba?
Minako:*cries*Oh Jounouchi..I'm so sorry..
Jounouchi:*gets up and walks away*
Minako:*gets up and runs after Jou*Jounouchi!Please!I-I-I'm sorry--
Jounouchi:*looks at Minako sadly*
*tears in eyes*Awww how sad....yeah I wrote it x] Well anywayz I'ma change my layout to a more..*ahem*Seto Kaiba-y layout.(sorry DeathT-2)Well oh before i 4get BMGirl I'm in the process of making your award x]
Well that's all 4 now..

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