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Monday, March 28, 2005

   Konnichi--oops I mean...HI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey guys...
How's the new layout? I like it,it's so cute x) And I made it myself! Ha ha..I think I'm going to stick with pretty bright colors for the rest of the year when I change the layout..
Yesterday when my cousin Maritza came over,we were playing games like Hangaroo and DisneyChannel games,because she's 11 and we were just having fun.Then she said that she wanted to make an account on my0..I'll put it here soon.
Jounouchi:Wow...I like the layout..it's..my colors..
Yuugi:Oh,wow,it is!! Hey,is that Anzu? *stares at picture*
Anzu:*playfully punches Yuugi* Yeah,that's me..don't I look nice?
Honda:Ha,you look like a dork to me.*both him and Jounouchi laugh*
Minako:Hey..that's mean..*punches Jounouchi*
Anzu:*punches Honda*Repeat that!I dare yoo!
Honda:T_T D-Didn't say nothin'..
Yuugi:Hey Minako,didja know I beat my dark half?A-And Pegasus too!
Minako:*pretends to be interested*Wow,how cool..
Jounouchi:*talking to Honda*
Ha..I always wanted to do a skit with all my fave characters from YGO..LOL
Well anyways...here's my FOTD!!
[featured member of the day]

She's my favorite character from Yuugiou...

She has an awesome site..

Give it up for..

PS..I'm making the award for you..so be patient..x)

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