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Saturday, March 26, 2005

   I'm back..sorrie for no updates...
Hey guys...
Sorrie for the LOOOOONG lack of updates..but..I have tutoring almost every other day now for the S.A.T so I will only be able to update every other day...
And...if you took me away from your friends' lists..I understand..lack of update..
Well anyways I was searching on Quizilla for some fun quizzes for you guys..unfortunately..most of them are about sex and drugs and "Will you be my friend?" and stuffies like that..so..yah..
Oh,and Black Magician Grl...CONGRATS!!!You got the most votes for the site contest,so you win..you might have to wait a while for the award LOL
I'm thinking of featuring a few members on here,like,you know..so people can go visit their sites and stuff..
Here's a pic of my FAVE Crunk&B girl...


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
g2g guys..byez..--Sarianne--

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