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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Konnichiwa minna everyone^^ I have to turn my computer off so I'll make a quick post^^ Anyways joeyw23 has a new bishie..which means Jounouchi + me can be together forever LOL
Jounouchi:*eating cake* Hey,Minako!
Minako:What are you doing?Where'd you get the cake?
Jounouchi: From Ishimaru!
Minako:*wipes frosting off Jounouchi's face*That's not fair..I didn't get any cake..*cries*
Jounouchi:*panic*Um..I'll ask her for some more ok?!
Minako:*cries*Y-You don't like me WAHH!!!
Here's my site!!
What a creative name huh^^
Write later!--/T/C/C/I/C/ Sarianne a.k.a Minako

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