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Monday, December 20, 2004

Hey people what's up? OMG I just made another Yuugiou quiz but this one's about Jounouchi..so go check it out if you want to
--[www.quizilla.com/users/yugiohotaku/You and Jounouchi Katsuya prt.1]--
Hope ya enjoy! Well now I'm inspired to make my own Jounouchi fan site^^ So I will work on that and put up a link to it when I'm done.
Jounouchi: Minako...I'm serious let's get married!!
Minako: Jounouchi please I was just kidding at that girl's g/b.
Jounouchi: *screams*LET'S GET MARRIED NOW!!
Minako: If you act like that you can just leave.
Jounouchi:*quiet*..Umm..I'd rather stay.
Minako:^^That's a good puppy.

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