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Sunday, March 13, 2005

LOL...well,I changed the site layout to my fave singer..Juanes..w00t w00t you rock!

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   WTF ISHI-CHAN??!?!??!?!?
Grr...I'm in a REALLY BAD
mood...mainly because ISHI-CHAN said THAT she was GOING TO QUIT MYO!!!!
I freakin' care...
grr...it made me mad that she said no one cares...well,anyways..
Jounouchi:Woah..Minako are you ok?
Minako:Does it look like I am?
Minako:*hugs*Aww Jounouchi you are just the thing I need to calm down when times are tough..^^
Minako:*kisses Jou-chan*
Jounouchi:*more blush* W-what was that for??
Minako:*wink* You look so cute when you blush..like a little kid!
Ahh...just the thing I needed..I feel much better.
Anyways,take care!

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Site Contest...
Hey guys^^
Well,here are votes so far(for the site contest)
Well,since I am a judge I can't vote..T_T
Oh well..also...1 person in my club x) Don't forget that if you want to join PM me...
Oh,yeah,when I looked at my site's stats,I saw that I was almost into the 900's!!!Yeah,I know,it's like So what? But me,I'm happy x) That means that I can meet more people and become friends x)
Piccies Of The Day
Tom Welling is my new celeb crush!

LOL!!!I got this one from OreanaMinamino's page x)

I might make a layout with this picture x) Since Jou looks so cute x)

LOL I saved this from when Ishi-chan made it..I'm a pack rat.

-_- Deatht-2 might get mad x)

That was fun wasn't it?
Well,I have to go now...sign guestbooks and all that good stuffies xD

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

   Site contest...Kawaii Club..Cool Award..
Well you guys,here's the banner for you guys x)
This contest is going to be looooooooong[Starts 3.10.05 thru. 3.29.05]so put this banner on your site x)

Soo kawaii huh?
Oh yeah...I made a club..called The Kawaii Club!!..if you want to join simply PM me and all you have to do is put this banner in your site x)

Did anyone read my post from yesterday? If not then read it now..as it was very shocking yet tragic to me.
Well anyways...Ishi-chan...I made you a banner...since you have a cool site...this is for you..

LOL...I know..you're probably thinking What the hell?What's with the Sailor Moon picture??
Well,I thought it was cute so that's why I used it so many times x)
Aaaaaand....the next site layout for me will probably be La Factoria or Juanes[pronounced HU-ANE-Es]...my 2 favorite Spanish singers x)
Anyways...time to go!!
Bye guys!

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   *Singing*EVERYBODY 1,2 STEP...
LOL...Sorrie you had to endure my horrid singing x)
Guess what?!?!
Since,you know,Ishi-ch~an has a *new* bishie x)
Ahh,the bliss of having Jounouchi x)
Well anyways...I will post later,I promise!
PS...If you want to be in my site contest,simply comment and I will list you! *NO PM'S,AS MY INBOX IS ALMOST FULL*

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

   Hey guys...
So how's the new layout? x) Kawaii,huh? x)
Sorrie for posting so late x)
I had a fun day today..went to the store with my friends...went to my grandma's house and had fun with my cousins...bought 5 manga:SHONEN JUMP!,Yu-Gi-Oh!,One Piece,Comic Party and Kodomo no Omocha.
You know what I saw when I went to the comic/animanga section of the store? A little girl,who looked about 8 or 9, and she was pulling on her mom's ripped sweater and saying,"Mom,I want this one!!!" She was holding a copy of Shaman King vol.2, and she looked frantic about it.Her mom's response:"Honey,you know I don't have enough money to buy that..I have to pay the bills for our 1 bedroom apartment,pay for our little clothing...and I barely have enough money to send you to school...maybe next week?" The mom looked like she was going to cry,and the girl sadly placed the book back on the shelf.They were walking to the other sections of the store.I felt really bad.I mean,all those times I complain and nag at my mom that I have too little money to spend on my purses and stuff..that's like nothing compared to what I just witnessed. So..I walked over to the shelf,picked up the book,walked over to the cash register,and paid for it.I also bought a small gift card worth $100 for them. Just as they were leaving the store,I gave the bag to the mom and said,"Here you go,ma'am." She looked kind of scared yet shocked at the same time as she opened the bag.Her eyes filled with tears and said,"God bless you,child." I shook my head."I have all the blessings I need,ma'am." I then left the store and drove home.
I know,I know,it sounds like a good samaritan thing,but hey--do one good deed for someone a day!And it's in the bible too.
Anyways....wow...I haven't done a Jounouchi skit in a long time x)
I guess I still have time to do it now.
Jounouchi:Alas...you came back..I got scared you wouldn't talk to me any more after your thing with that guy..
Minako:Aww,Jounouchi,you know I love you more than life itself x) And your hair as well..it looks so sexy when it's wet ^//^
Minako:So,what to do now?
Jounouchi:I dunno..*still blushing*
Minako:*grin*Hmm,I know...*jumps on Jounouchi and kisses him*
Jounouchi:Minako..wow...I'm glad to kiss you again...*kisses Minako*
*time passes by...and they make out right there on the grass*
LOL!!!I have always wanted to do that x)
Garrz...time to e-mail people!
Good night!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

   H3Y 4LL!!!
Ha ha ha!!
Sorriez...I was just feeling HAPPYLICIOUS today..ha..I just invented a word x) How cool x)
HAPPYLICIOUS..maybe I can make my next site layout with that word..but I love this layout soo much that I don't want to change it x) Garrz..and I haven't updated my stats yet,but I will after I post.
Since you guys know what I look like,I guess I will have to act my REAL age...16 x) Yup yup,I'm not 14,or 13,or..12(some person PMed me and thought I was for some reason o.O)I AM SIXTEEN AND LOVIN' IT!!
I have a BMW(my parents bought it for me for my birthday last year) and it's silver!!Wow so cool,huh?
W0WZA...I don't read anime as much as I used to when I was KagomeInuyasha's age..and like I commented on her page,I was a real Neko-chan fanatic but now..not so much.
Oh well,I guess it's just life..T_T For example...I'm liking celebrities and stuffies like that MORE than anime...bleh..Well...anyways...I..I..I...*head falls on keyboard,snoring*ZzzZZZZzzzZZZzzZZ[LOLOLOLOL!!]

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Monday, March 7, 2005

Heh heh..
Wow..didn't know lotz of you guys think I'm pretty^^;
I look horrible in this pic X)
Well...anywayz,Ishi-ch~an you are not ugly X(
You are pretty the way you are because God made you that way...
and that goes for all the other girls out there who think they are ugly..because no child of God is ugly.
Anyways here's another pic of me at my cousin's wedding X) Don't I look so pretty? I'm in the black dress BTW

Ohh has anyone seen "Mulan II"?
It's such a good movie!
I bought it with my cousin Kim[she's 8] and watched like 20 times^^ Well anyways, g2g,I update later^^--Sarianne--

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Saturday, March 5, 2005

My picture(finally..)
Hey guys!
Here's my picture...LOL..
It's with Jesse McCartney at one of his radio interviews!


Blegh,look at my hair -_-
It's soo messed up!!!!!!!!
Comment on me!!

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w00t w00t!!!
LOL Hey guyz!
Sorrie if you couldn't see pix the other day...
Also I updated my Fan Site..
so that will probably be where you can find the day of the fan club thingy.
Man I am soo tired because I went to sleep @ 12:53 a.m. last night
Also it seems that Ishi-ch~an has a new bishie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaaand I am changing the layout as you read this so you might want to refresh it a few times to see if the layout changes...before your very eyes!!
Anyways...talk laterz!

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