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Friday, March 24, 2006

   If you rearrange the words Mother-in-law it can become

WOW! im FOURTEEN NOW!! YAAAY!! My birthday yesterday went something like this:

3rd hour sang to me -_- 4th hour sang to me -_____- and THEN 8th hour our pe teacher ( we were sitting at roll call in the locker room) and shes like "Ive got an important annoucement-today is Kimberlys birthday"
My mom....
Ok so i was sitting in the cafeteria with nikki and ryan and dylan and alyssa and tyree at our table we sit at everday
and all of the sudden i look at the door
AND I WAS LIKE "oh no!"
and i was like looking down at the ground and i was like "NIKKI IT'S MY MOM!" and shes like "where? under the table??" (cause i was looking down at the ground)
and im like "GRR NO! SHES OVER THERE"
and then she came over and she handed me the balloons and im like "just go just go just go please"
and she left and then the security guy person is like "happy birthday kimberly"
and i was like turning red i could feel it and my friends were like "your face is SO red!!"
and they were laughing cause they knew how embarrassed i was about my mom and then the security guy
and then one random person started to sing happy birthday but they stopped cause no one joined in...and i was like "thank goodness"
So i had to carry around balloons to 7 and 8 hour and 7 hour kept calling me the "birthday girl" and the pe teacher took the balloons from me to put in her office so they wouldnt be stolen or popped and thats how she knew it was my bday
cause i wouldnt have told her....
ooh but my 4th hour english teacher gave me two pieces of candy because of it :D and i was like "yay"

Also at lunch Heidi (popular girl thatis helping me be "made" just like the show Made on mtv...im being "made" into an unshy person or at least im TRYING but im not succeeding lol) made me practice our "Made" thing by saying "its my birthday hug me" to all these ppl and im like "im not saying 'hug me' but ill say 'its my birthday' "
And so she dragged me around to all these people...
Then skool ended and i walked around with Heidi.... we walked around the skool like 3 times while she was talking to her friends...and yeah then we started to walk to her house ... which is a mile away from the skool and i dont walk much so now my feet are sore from all the walking (you'll see what i mean by all the walking) lol >< and we come home and i met her little second grade brother who looked at me like ... like i dont know but it was kinda awkward....and yeah then we went to the store...and she bought me reeses even though im like "U really dont have to get me something..." and shes like "hey i need something to do with my change" so then we walked BACK to her house...then we walked to the library where we talked for an hour while she was on Myspace and then we walked back to cvs..and she bought nail polish while we talked ...then we left then came back cause her dad wanted her to check the soda prices...then we walked towards her house again (yeah lots of walking I KNOW) and we were walking by a busy street so she got this FANCY DANCY BRIGHT IDEA to help me with my voice volume ... SO she walked out to the median of the paved busy freaking street with cars going by on both sides
and shes like "Hi! Whats today??" and im like (mediumish volume) "its my birthday" and shes like "WHHHAAAAT??" and then i got louder and im like "ITS MY BIRTHDAY" and shes like " I CANT HEAR YOU" and im like (yelling now) "ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!" and shes like "oh ok!! well come on over and cross the street with me!" and im like "NO!" shes like "why ? you dont cross streets?" and im like "NOT WHEN ITS DARK AND THERES NO lIGHT THAT SAYS 'WALK'!" and shes like "come on!" and im like "no! what if theres a drunk driver and they hit me?!" but i was laughing really hard because shes so funny of course and then shes like "COME ON Its the median you'll be ok!!" and im like"No way-IM GOING TO YOUR HOUSE! BYE HEIDI!" and shes like"*sigh* fine" and then she came back over to me and a car honked at her and shes like "WHAT THE F**K" at it...then we walked and talked for a while....good talk we had. (not sarcasm by the way...)
Then we finally went back into her house and she read 2 songs i wrote...Once A Broken Heart and Trapped In a Daze and she said she liked once a broken heart but she really liked trapped in a daze she said "its not just words it has meaning...it brings tears to my eyes" and im like "well dont cry!" and shes like "i wont but you have talent" and im like....HAHA i laughed. and shes like "oh stop putting u and ur songs down all the time!" and so im like rolling my eyes ... and yeah... OOOH NIKKI GOT ME SEASON 6 OF THE SHOW FRIENDS FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I WAS LIKE "YAAY!!"

whoo first post as being 14 yrs old,

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