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Monday, September 18, 2006


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If someone breaks their arm... (Oops, that's my fault ;) ) ... I'LL BE THERE TO BREAK THEIR OTHER ARM!!! lol Gawd I'm evil.

Anyways... Andrew L. + Granny Porn? Ew, Alexis kept talking about it on the bus... AND HE WAS DESCRIBING IT... EWWWW... And stuff.

Oh yeah and on Friday, the Gym had DDR! And people were playing it! Today it didn't have it XD And I finally found Vanesssa's mood ring that she gave me! Hahahahaha.

First period (DIE MS. SPIES DIEEE) lol. We'd come up with 3 story ideas... But sadly they're all about.... 300 pages long T_T ... I hate herr she's sooo evil. Oh yeah! Journal, that's our homework... But WHAT to write about? Hmmm... I KNOW! For ... A? I could write about


Yeah right. Anyways... I met Andrew N. (HOW MANY ANDREWS ARE IN HERE?!) in the hall, showed him the "I'M SO HOT AS A GIRL!" picture, and he replied "That's not funny XO !" ahahah.

I also gave him a picture of him like...

Andrew: I'M A PRETTY GIRL! *in a wig*

Me: ? Dude take off the skirt. And the sandals. And the criss-cross tube top.

Andrew: BUT I FEEL LIKE A PRETY GIRL! Help me put on lipstick! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee?

Me: Fine, but I'm not helping you with the pantyhose.

Andrew: Pantyhose are next!

Me: Ew.


Me: I'm helping him with his lipstick *I drew all over his face* !

Andrew: Help me put on the pantyhose next! ^_^ *holding pantyhose*

Me: NO!

Later he AIMs me saying to draw him wearing pantyhose.

2nd... Uhh again Ms. Spies, I agree with my 3rd period Math teacher; Mrs. Vara that that's a bad way to start my mornings.

3rd, a few days ago, we did 8th grade work... It was sooo easy...

Lunch, me Chi Liana and Helen agreed on giving presents to each other on our birthdays and joiing Student Council. Today was the Science Olympia but did anyone tell us? No. So Helen's alone there... O_O

4th! Science.. Uhh Group effort project! We had to do a boardgame of the periodic table.. I'm not good at board games... So... Plus I was sleepy... WHAT DO THEY PUT IN LUNCH?!?!?!

5th.................Health................The crazed teacher who put the S-E-X word...on her power point alot..... Plus the fellow students kept spelling it aloud XO Gawd.

6th! Taylor... Hmm we never really do anything there... Just book work! Oh! I forgot, I have homework... Sometimes it's good to type out posts here on (name of site)... I don't know why but if you type the name, you'll get banned for a few days... LOL.

7th! Art, Peter's joining Student Council too! ^_^ Andrew can't join. Lol. HIS SISTER WENT OVER THE SPEED LIMIT ONCE. :0 !!!

By the way, go to You Tube and check out these videoes:

"Charlie the Unicorn"
"Understanding Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy"


Well that's all folks, nothing else....Bye!
Tell me that you love me and tell me that you'll always be there.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dream log; 22st of the 7th month

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Music: Savin' Me/Far Away - Nickelback, Everywhere - Michelle Branch
Expression: Hyper

Hi guys, long tiem no see. I was going to post like, two days ago but my Windows Media Player made the page switch to another and the test disappeared. Darn. And I'm too lazy to retype...

Missing Dream 1

Dream 2: It's fuzzy... I don't remember some... All I remember was a mummy telling me and a man who was carrying sand in a wagon somewhere to go into a cavern... He tried to kill us but that's just it...

Dream 3: ANOTHER DREAM WITH IAN... Oh my gawd. I don't remember how this started either. I was on a laptop talking to Ian...about something... and when I looked up we were at a swimming place. Everyone I knew was there... Or the people I've met this summer. Alex, Sobia, Chi, Travis (MiasmaMoon), Janice, Kathy, Sue, Whitney, Nickkie, and Melinda... In another section of the dream, at another swimming pool, Ian was laughing with some of his friends.
Me and Alex sat at the edge (there were no fences covering this swimming pool) and saw a bear and a cub on top of a rotting tree. They groomed each other...and then disappeared.
I ran to the other side of the swimming pool (Alex didn't follow) and stared at THAT rotting tree. You pretty much don't want to know how deserted and lonely my dreams are...but the places in my dreams are what people would call 'picture perfect'.
Ian came over to this pool. He was wearing red swimming trunks and everyone else was wearing clothes that you would wear when you went somewhere. I wore a casual jean jacket pants, and short shirt and a ...necktie?
Ian said I couldn't swim. I said 'hi' but I was APALLED AT THE SAME TIME. LIKE, OH MY GAWD. He didn't say 'hi' back. So I jumped in (the pool). Kind of...sank and swam... What? I couldn't swim in real life either!!! I swam to the other side and, tagged Alex. Then I swam back to Ian's side and said 'HAH'! I clothes were all wet. For a while.

Missing Dream 4

Dream 5: Okay this is a GUNBOUND dream. Weirddddd huh? If you don't know what GunBound is, look here: www.ijji.com ...
Okay me and Ian are playing against each other in Miramo Town (it's a winter-like stage).
I'm on an A.Sate and Ian's on a Kalsiddon lol. I shot him, missed. And then he said:

Ian: let's fuk
Me: no.
Ian: I want to get between your legs And I want to do 'things' to you. Want to?
Me: NO.
(Ian says more perverted things)

I don't know why but Ian is such a pervert in my dreams. And he's not in real life. Gawd I'm scared.

Anyways... That's all. I woke up after that.

On my last dream I said I would read a note that Ian gave me in my 5th dream... I never did. But I'm gonna try...unless I've already read it... Yeah O_O I think I DID read it!!! Except in was in Dutch and I can't remember it... Oi.

End dream log.

Tell me that you love me and tell me that you'll always be there.

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Monday, April 17, 2006


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Dream Log: none

Music: Eternal Snow

Hmm... Nothing to type about really. ^^ Kinda miss this place *sniffles* ... I really need to change my theme eh? (Been 3 months!!!) Well... Yes...

Lots of dumb stuff happening at school... (First time in a long time, complete post maybe?)

Before Art, me and my friend Liana were looking at the TAKS/DAC posters... Gawd were they stupid. They spelled 'take' and 'attack' wrong.


2nd poster: ATTAK THE TAKS! (something)

Gawd I feel sorry for them. Even though i don't get what they mean and what not. *eye twitches*

Plus! There's nothing wrong with typing in complete sentences right? (Learn some grammar peoples!) This dude called me weird in MS...

Well, into Art... I forgot what we did. Oh yeah... We're doing a contest (err, if it's a contest, doesn't that mean we don't have to do it?) for a glass picture or something? SHE EXPECTED US (the teacher) TO FILL UP A 12x18 INCHED BLANK THINGY IN 10 MINUTES WITH PICTURES!!!!!!!!!! And, that is not possible. Indeed. So, we didn't finish it! Mine was a scrapbook looking one (my manga art's getting crappier hehe) and Liana was... A scrapbook looking one too! They all did weirdly. Since we were the only people out of 15 to work...

In ELA... We watched some videos about disagreements... (GOD THAT MR. PINEHEADS GONNA GIVE ME NIGHTMARES! Not to mention his gorilla went to jail for singing in 6th period...) And stuffs.

In science... Reading things about motion... Centripetal force and whatnot...

Social Studies! Grading some things here and there... Then just reading or drawing neh?

Lunch, Chi doesn't seem to be talking to me anymore ;_; ... Meh.

P.E.! Err I accidentally walked 3 laps when we only needed to do 2... And, I was wearing black (OH GAWD IT BURNS! O_O)... Freaky... It's too hot outside neh?

ELA! More watching... freaky...United Streaming videos... LET'S READ HOLES! BUT NOO!!! The others disagreed. READING MAKES YOU SMARTER PEOPLES! IT'S A WONDER HOW THAT OTHER PERSON CCAN SPELL TAKE RIGHT! O_O Or attack... Or accomplish. Or especially. O_O Pulchritudinous! No that's not a 6th grader word...

Math... Studying for tomorrow's test! What good will it do?! =_= Didn't study for Science or Social Studies! THERE IS NOTHING TO STUDY ABOUT! O_O

Hmm that's pretty much my day... and MiasmaMoon going beserk about messing up the computer. And blah. ...That's all right?


Tell me that you love me and tell me that you'll always be there.

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Monday, April 3, 2006


Backroom Guest Book Log Off

Dream Log: none.

Music: Say the Word - Amuro Namie
Expression: ticked off (talk to me and prepare to die)

Hope no one steals my dream log... It's my originality, THE ONLY, on my site.

Okies, well hi people. Sorry I haven't signed on and posted. I get bored. AND RIGHT NOW I'M JUST POSTING BECAUSE I'M BORED... Really need to change my lay out. It stinks and it's spring. SIGH... SO LAZYYYYY....Very unhappy, unlike my usual bubbling hyper self. I would show a picture of me but it's so enlarged it's creepy looking.

I am creepy looking. Hyper and bubbly but my face doesn't seem it. Yes my face looks like I'm probably going to kill you sometimes. - - Don't care either.

Here are some pictures I've tooken over the month, blah.


It's Falafel, the almost dead cat. In Maple Story you can only keep a pet for 90 days. Then it DIES. MUAHAHAHHAHAH! Okay I typed that junk and I'm still unhappy. Great...

In school we're having a field trip to go to the Minute Maid Park to watch a stinkin' baseball game. Not into sports. But I am interested in a all out animal-war against humans (and the animals are winning). I hate you animal and nature abusers. You all suck.

Words of wisdom, which aren't wisdom at all: i hate you, meh.

YES, I am typing random thoughts. Nothing all fun and happy like.

Dreams don't come true sadly... Unless yours is a really possible outcome. Mine isn't. It's for guys to get


. I forgot all the codes... MEH. Except italic, big/bold, and moving. Sadly yes.


See? Wells, good bye today... Nothing else to do and I feel like crying or sleeping and having vengence on all human kind even though they didn't do anything to me. ._.


Tell me that you love me and tell me that you'll always be there.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

   Grr, I'm mad!

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Hi everyone... Right now I am totally frinked off into killing someone or biting their heads off. Eh, popular/conceited/nagging people... They frink me off.

Well about my day, and sorry I haven't posted for a long time... I get ...bored...

I have been sad for 1 week (I'M EMO AND I DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY!), and nothing's been treating me right. I'm pissed off and depressed. -_- I hope I don't go into therapy or take pills again. Ugh.

In Art, Mrs. Leehan told me that Coach Garner wanted to buy my picture of the 1 point perspective thing. It's because she likes the dogs. =_=

ELA, well more commercials... Weirdest thing, we saw a Michael Jackson commerical... Before we left... WHO THE HECK IS MICHAEL JACKSON PEOPLE?! =_=

Science... Ugh, reading and writing on orange paper...

Social Studies, Elise wanted me to draw an emo person that looked like her. She's not even emo. =_= I don't wear a lot of black because, well duh, my mom won't let me wear black stuff... And of course I'm "evil". =_=

Lunch~ Chi was quiet for some... LOL, well she kinda cheered me up by singing that "FUN BOX" song.

P.E., walking, aloneeeee~ I don't talk a lot... Especially when I'm depressed... So when I finished my 3 laps I sat alone... Jessica, Evenlyn, and Melina asked me what was wrong... I didn't tell them so Evelyn went to go ask Chi. I sat alone, again. (AND WHEN IT WAS TIME TO GO IN, THEY LEFT ME!) Ugh. =_=

ELA, more commercials... Sigh. I drew on my paper, me as a stick firgure...

Math... I don't know and don't care.

Well that's the day~ Hope you spend time in total damnation~

Tell me that you love me and tell me that you'll always be there.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006


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I had a dream where... Robert broke up with in... HIGH SCHOOL?! WE DIDN'T EVEN LOOK OLDER MUCH!

Well, yeah... My site's done now... I can visit you guys now. =] I don't really feel like playing Maple Story anymore... It's getting boring in a way...

Well about my day... It started weird-ly in a way I guess...

I wore clothes I've never really worn this week... I mean it... Like that rose shirt... I only wore once... And that pink with white undershirt thing...

In Art, I finished my still life/dream room drawing... It was used as an example in the class. It was a log cabin in the middle of the woods (as you can tell from the window I drew), with two THE DOGS (a labrador and dalmation) with a ducky.

ELA, well nothing special, reading Al Capone does my Shirts and seeing how good our reading skills were on the DAC.

During Science, CHI WAS IGNORING ME!! WHY?! Oh wait yeah, she still was talking to mee... ^^

Science/S.S. 5 minute period - Well, I talked to Robert and wanted to say something to Brenda... But Robert kept following us... Until Josh stopped him! Thank you Josh-sama!!! ^^;;

So I told Brenda what it was ... She was like NOOOO!!!! The question was "Should I break up with Robert?" by the way.

I also met Dominque before I went to go to Social Studies. He asked me where my boyfriend was... I pointed to Robert... And he was like "Hi, you'd better take care of Diana" or something... THEN I KICKED HIM!!! Ehh same old same old...

Social Studies... I forgot what we did really? OH YEAH... All we did was wait for McCown to finish grading our projects... When I came up to her, I was about to give her my note to Robert... And I'm like EEP! O_O

Lunch... Nothing unusual.

P.E., we played Basketball outside and did we suck! 9 to 2. LOL... We're the 2.

In ELA, more reading skills in DAC...

Too lazy to type about Math...

Anyways... At the bus ramp, Dominque said he'll get me back form kicking him... SOMEDAY... Just you wait Dominque.... MUAHAHAHAHAAH!!!


Okay now I'm going to visit you guys...


Tell me that you love me and tell me that you'll always be there.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

   UGH! Tripod... The source of all Kirbys... Which is the source of all EVIL!!!

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AHAHAH! I can't do the picture though... GRR!

I finally remembered my password... Which I DID type yesterday. BUT NOOOOO!!!! THEY STILL WOULDN'T LET ME ON!!! Grr... I have to upload some music... Maybe I can properly post TOMORROW...

Later. (Site is still messed up... In need of renovations..)
Tell me that you love me and tell me that you'll always be there.

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Monday, February 6, 2006

I forgot my Tripod password.

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GARR!!! It's about 10:20 here, and I can't figure out my Tripod password!!! I remember the ID... BUT NOOO... I remember the pass just FINE, but it won't let me on! Neither does MSn work! UGH!

I hate this... I don't want to type about my day anymore.. Hmph.

Tell me that you love me and tell me that you'll always be there.

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What? They're delicious!

Well, hiya peoples! Sorry I haven't posted yet... Grr! I need to make a new theme! ...But I have two of them...

Oh yeah, Panda, I feel sorry for you... If you are looking at this O_O... YOU ARE FEMALE!!!! (No one understands us women... *sniff sniff* Oh well...)

I gotta go to school now, but before I do that, I'm going to tell you some things that've been happening.

I'm going out with someone (WTH?!)
I like cheese? =]
I'm starting a Onigiri comic.
I found out... that... *sniff* I'm emo...
Starting to talk to myself... O_O

Haha, yes that all has been happening... Except the cheese thing... O_O

Well gotta go, I'll modify this post when I go on at 7:30 PM. =]

Tell me that you love me and tell me that you'll always be there.

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Monday, January 16, 2006


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Okay, bizzarre, but the box thingy got bigger................ And sorry everyone that I didnt post these last few weeks... It's not like I would remember anything... Hmmm Oh yeah, my birthday is coming up... I shall finally be 12!!!

It's this Thursday by the way...


Well see you everyone! ^^
Tell me that you love me and tell me that you'll always be there.

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