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Monday, February 4, 2008

   Life Is Forever Changing

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It's been forever since I've posted here. Sorry about that. Though I doubt anybody actually visits here anyway. And for those of you that do...thanks. I really haven't had much time to come around here lately. So for those of you that do come sign my GB and such...I honestly don't know how soon or if I'll get around to returning the favor. But I do appreciate it. ^^;

I must say. I did have a sudden urge to watch Inuyasha earlier today. It brought back memories. And it made me smile. :)

But I have been busy with other things. My ex is still my ex. Though I wish he weren't. But alas, he still is. I do like somebody else now too. Unfortunately that situation is about as confusing as...well I guess I can't really think of anything at the moment...but it's quite complicated. Let me just leave it at that.

I've been working. At the mall. At a store that has coupons way too often. Which causes tons of people to complain to me when they cannot use them on an item they wish to buy. It's enough to drive you nuts. Those of you that have worked in retail know exactly what I mean...I'm sure. Not to mention I had the F-bomb dropped on me during like the second week I was working there. Brilliant. -_- But hey...at least I get a paycheck now! XD

Hmm...what else? Oh! I've officially decided that I can't stand my English teacher. I always tried to give him the benefit of the doubt while everyone else was bashing him behind his back. But he's pushed me to the edge. That's a long story that I don't feel like getting into though.

Other than the previously mentioned English encounter...school hasn't been too bad. I already have 6 college credits and I'm still a senior in high school. By the time I graduate in June I should have 9. Umm...senior year is going well I suppose. I've been missing days a bit from being sick, but I'm doing better now. I've even been accepted into the college I applied to. Not to say it was the college I would have really liked to go to (even though it was the only one I applied to), but that's another story too.

That's about it I guess. I'd say that not a whole lot has changed, but I'd be lying. I really have become a different person this past year. Nothing seems the same anymore. I look at everything differently. I owe it all to my ex, and for that I really am thankful. Because if he gave me nothing else...he at least gave me a confidence and an outlook on life that I will try my best to keep for the rest of my life.

I suppose this is au revoir for now. Laterz! ^_^ ~Younggrasshopper

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Oosaki Nana Honjo Ren Terashima Nobuo Takagi Yasushi Okazaki Shinichi
Oosaki Nana Honjo Ren Terashima Nobuo Takagi Yasushi Okazaki Shinichi


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Serizawa Reira Ichinose Takumi Honjo Ren Fujieda Naoki


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