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Sunday, September 16, 2007

   Morning Post

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Ooook. So it's been a while once again. Almost another month has gone by since I last posted here. Not that anyone cares, I'm sure. Most probably don't even bother looking here anymore. Which is pretty obvious...since I've basically fallen off the top 50 members list. No surprise there though. *shrug* Maybe if I actually finish my book and I become famous...I'll get back up there. Since everybody will want to be my friend. >_> *cough*yeah right*cough* haha I'm sure there will be haters too. Just the way things go, ne?

So I've noticed I haven't been doing a whole lot in terms of the Asian scene lately. I haven't really been watching anime. No manga reading. Well...I did just recently finish reading the 5th MegaTokyo. Which was awesome. And now I'm wanting more. Blast it all! Anywho...also...I haven't been listening to Asian music much these days either. I'm hoping it's not because I just don't like it anymore. I'm pretty sure it's not that. I think it's just because...I haven't had a chance to buy new stuff and all the stuff I have is getting old? Or maybe it's just because I've been listening to other stuff. All I know is...it's a little depressing that I just don't seem to care so much anymore.

Especially after going to the baby shower of my mom's friend from work. She's married to a guy who's half Asian. And her and my mom would talk about me and my Asian obsession, and my mom would tell me about her all the time. And I finally got to meet her yesterday at her baby shower. Her house was really cool. It had dragons and such. Basically...it looked Asian. It made me sad to see that stuff and realize how far I've gotten away from it all. Maybe I've just made a new branch in my life. It's not that I don't like the stuff anymore. I just don't have as much time for it these days.

So the stuff that's going on in my life. My senior year of high school has started, and a big part of me wishes it could be over with already. I'm sure that once the time gets closer...I'll probably wish it wouldn't be there already. But right now I'm counting down the days. Only 264 days until my 18th birthday graduation. Wooo!

Umm...what else? I'm still going out with my boyfriend. I see him even less now. He not only lives about 3 hours away, but now he's working a lot more. So he can't come up every weekend like he was before. He can really only take off one weekend a month. :( So I'm missing him big time right now.

That's basically all there is. Other than school once again stressing me out. >.< I don't know how many people will actually come read this but oh well. Until next time...
TTYL! ^_^ ~Younggrasshopper

Black Stones

Oosaki Nana Honjo Ren Terashima Nobuo Takagi Yasushi Okazaki Shinichi
Oosaki Nana Honjo Ren Terashima Nobuo Takagi Yasushi Okazaki Shinichi


Serizawa Reira Ichinose Takumi Honjo Ren Fujieda Naoki
Serizawa Reira Ichinose Takumi Honjo Ren Fujieda Naoki


Komatsu Nana Komatsu Nana

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