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Monday, January 29, 2007

   Randomosity Killed the Cat!

Current Music: MUCC: Utagoe :: Current Mood: Hyper-ish :: Time Posted: 6:27PM ET

Hello once again my fellow otakus! XD
Yet again...I have been lacking the will to update here. I've just been busy with school...and sleeping because school is wearing me out. Oh yes! And I'm currently sick. I've been sick for about a week now, but thankfully I'm getting better. Plus there's the fact that I just haven't been around the computer as much as I used to be. I can't really explain it, but being around it seems to depress me a bit these days. I don't know why though. *shrug* Unless I find something cool to watch. But if I'm just looking around on myspace or here...I get depressed. I'm sure I'm not making any sense right now...so I'll just move on to the next subject.

Ok. So anywho...I finally got my iTunes card for the Japan store on Saturday. Of course it was only worth 1,500. I really wish I had gotten one worth more. All I got with the 1,500 one was four videos. Grrr. I waited for almost a month for it to get here...and only four videos. Why didn't I get the more expensive one?! T_T Oh well. I'm still pretty happy about the videos I was able to get. I'm even listening to one right now! :D I believe I am now a fan of MUCC. Here's the video:

Such a cool song. Wish I knew the translation though. Does anyone know it? XD If it's not working for you, right here is the link.

They were at Otakon, but at the time...I didn't really know them...at all. Now I like them. I guess it's a good thing that I didn't know them then...or else I would have wanted to go see them play. Why would that be bad you ask? Because I wasn't allowed to go to the concertness. -__- I wanted to see Nana Kitade, but I was not able to. Hopefully I'll be able to go to one of the Otakon concerts someday. I've never been to a concert, and I definitely think it'd be cool if the first one I go to is a jrock one. :] In fact...I don't really think I'd want to go see any others. Haha! I personally think most American music sucks anymore.

And speaking of Otakon. I really hope I'll get to go again this year. I swear...when I was there last year...I had to be the happiest I've been in a long time. Mainly because of the overwhelming amount of people just like me. That doesn't happen around here. Ever. Along with that was the fact that I was actually seeing the type of things I had only seen online before. Like cosplay for instance. I never thought I'd cosplay myself either. XD But it was really fun! ^.^

Hmmm...what else did I want to mention? Oh! The guy troubles I talked about last time. I'm over that. I realized he's not worth it. For many reasons. Especially one. But I'll just leave it at that. >_>

Two things I've finally been able to experience the awesomeness of:
~Tokyo Drift
~Devil May Cry
Yup. I watched Tokyo Drift and played Devil May Cry yesterday. Both very awesome! ^-^

Uhhh...I wanted to mention the fact that I haven't really been commenting on other peoples' sites lately. Or returning the favor of guestbook entries. Umm...I'll get working on that...
Sorry! >.<;; And thanks for waiting if you've recently signed my GB!

Well...I've got homework to do. Bah! I don't wanna do my homework. >.< But I must. And I could really go for a Crunch Wrap Supreme right about now. >_> <_< >_< Hehe. That was random. I'm really random today. Tis quite odd. Wait....no it is. It's me! XD

Ok...I'll go now! TTYL! ^_^ ~Younggrasshopper

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Oosaki Nana Honjo Ren Terashima Nobuo Takagi Yasushi Okazaki Shinichi
Oosaki Nana Honjo Ren Terashima Nobuo Takagi Yasushi Okazaki Shinichi


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Serizawa Reira Ichinose Takumi Honjo Ren Fujieda Naoki


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