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Friday, January 12, 2007

Okay, i'm s desperate to sell my art i'm gonna put an offer up on here too. I'm drawing pictures for money, and the price is $3 per picture. It has to be cute, but I can to cute fanart too. It can be a sketch, pencil'd, or pen'd, you just need to tell me what you want. I have my offers sent to Macedorum@hotmail.com and if anyone is familliar with Furcadia, my name is Xyan. Please guys, i'm begging you, there's some stuff I really, really, REALLY want to buy, and I need that cash DX! So if you could spare a couple $ for me, I'll draw for you ;;' .. Uh... G-...guys? Hello? Anyone left?

... In other news, I have two new mp3 players for christmas which made me a really happy camper. Also the Nightmare Before Christmas which is my FAVORITESTMOVIEOFALLTIME. And my lizard has grown to two feet, I still look the same as I did a couple years ago, I even weigh the same, wtf, and also I've been getting better at drawing! Check out www.demon-saiyajin.deviantart.com to see if you like anythi- .. THERE I GO AGAIN. Sorry, i'm just really desperate to get commished x3

Anywho, enough of my rambling, i'll let you go to your lives again. Well, if you're all still there... *listens to crickets chirping*

May It Last

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