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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Well, tomorrow i'm going to went ed mall. Funness. Gonna be with my new best friends Jessica. She is = teh COOLNESS! But.. she hates Sephiroth... that's the only thing we disaggree about. 'Sephiroth OWNZ n00bs! Sure, he was OWNZED by a n00b, but that's history' to quote Seanfish ^^ Anywho, I put a new pic up. It's hard to keep up with everything... anywho, I signed up with www.deviantart.com . Me ish = demon-saiyajin
Me = cools xDD Anyways peoples, I gotta run. BTW, fangirls, check out Loveless. It = pretty xD Later!

May it Last

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