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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yo ^.^
Yo peoples, sorreh I haven't been around. Just got back (in one piece, thankfully) from my first anime con! It was awsome, and I'll put up pictures of the cosplayers I took pictures of ^^ It was awsome. And -ALSO- I got a scanner, so now new pictures are up! YAY! xD

Well, I gotta go. Things to do ^^' I'll be around sometime in the next couple days. Sorry fo' makin' yeh worreh'!

May it Last

Youkai Trunks

P.S., I got a hitai-ate, a TRUNKS keychain, and ears and a tail from the con ^^ and presents for Kira and Sean, my best friends. I cosplayed to, but you won't see meh! XD

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