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Monday, June 12, 2006

Hey there everyone. It's me again. Well, don't expect a music video any time in the really near future, i'm totally frying my brain-cells trying to make enough clips and find a song that actually fits. Oh, yeah, I just remembered. I made this little video/audio clip of Paikuhan spazzing at Janempa. It's funny as hell even if it is only 16 seconds. I'll put it up next time, kay? Well, i've been really happy. Kinda strange compared to when I was really sad, eh? xD
Iolis: ... You're a stupid, emotional, bitchy piece of dirt under my shoe...
Me: *deathglare*
Kartora: Gee, if looks could kill, he'd be 6 feet under right now.
Me: He should be...
Xyan: I like grapes!
Me: ... Oh, I forgot to fix him...
Xyan: .. *walks around in circles* Panties, panties, panties..*echo*
Samui: ... make... it.... stop...
Me: *sigh* Well, I'll see you all later folks, I got a bat to fix. *takes out screwdrivers and such* G'byeeeeeeee!

May it Last

Youkai Trunks

P.S. I wuv you all... you're so kind!

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