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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Diary of a Maniac.
[Sorry I haven't been on. I couldn't get to a computer because I was at a friend's house. And when I finally found internet I couldn't stay on Hannah's computer for too long.]

My Writer's block has gotten worse. D: So I started a NEW story about some kid named "Hatsuharu" ((name taken from Furuba X3)). I feel bad for him. His mom died in the first chapter ((I'm so cruel T^T)). My Haru is much cooler than Furuba's Haru though, because I made him up... that makes him better X3 *is kidding* I'm changing my theme very soon... *got sick of this one*

Me and my cousin were out playing Hopscotch in the rain while the lightening was owning everything around us X3 It was fun. well um... until then!

Love, peace, and Chicken Grease.

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