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Friday, February 8, 2008

hey! still nothing to exciting to happen.. realli.. ummm. i'm tired but that's nothing new.. oi, i found out that this guy does like me.. and.. he's a freshmen.. we hang out and hug and stuff.. then there's the fact that my ex, micheal wants to go back out with me BADLY!!! he called last nite and asked me out.. i said i'm not so sure that i was gunna go to japan with amp! and he said i don't care i'll come with you and pay for the trip.. he really is obessed.. he says there is no one else for him but me.. but he hurt me twice..and i don't wanna go through that shyt.. again.. i'm better off the sam,the freshmen that likes me.. or go back with amp.. (i doubt we will.. damn her parents.. but i LOVE her mom) anyways.. that's pretty much about it.. really.. the only thing new..really.. anyways.. that's about it.. i suppose.. yea sry this is pretty long.. but i told micheal i just got outta a relationship.. and wanna wait.. but he won't listen.. he actually trying to make me feel bad for not going out with him again.. i really don't know.. what to do.. he knows i give into gulityness.. real easily... i'm just.. confused.. oh so confused..
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