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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Er.. >.>
Um, how long has it been since I updated this?
Whoa, shit ;D
I only seem to go on Gaia these days [username = `Ookami Yasha` or Grammar Natzee]
Hm...Maybe I'll write a real post tomorrow, not that anyone reads these x]

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I added a piece of art. yay.
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Monday, December 25, 2006

Mmmkay, Im alive. I just dont really update anymore.

Um, I had a job as an elf, and I had my last shift yesterday.


I thought I'd better updated atleast once before the new year.

I go on Gaia now. My username is Ookami_Yasha18
ADD ME!! HAha and PM me and tell me who you are XD

Anyways, Ill post my fanart sometimes, but other than that, you probably wont hear from me much! Baibai~

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hey guys.

Im all by myself *cries* My parents went down to the states to get our trailer ready for winter, and I didnt hafta go^^ Yeah. Its fun having the whole house to myself, but its a bit lonely.

Ill be adding a new piece of art today *yay*

Uhh not much else to say. Oh yeah. Once again, people who have accounts on Gaia, I could use some friends XD My account is Ookami_yasha18. Yay^^

Anyhoo, Im in the mood for filming something...hm...

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Wheee Friday at last!!

Im all by my self waiting for some people to come and install our new stove. Its sorta creepy....

Oh yeah. My poor doggy Saffron was sick this week! She had to go to the vet and everything. Apperently she had an infection. Shes home now, and doing alot better.

Any of you guys listen to the band Mindless Self Indulgence?? ( I doubt it....but theyre a good band ^_^)

ALSO!!! I finally found the password to my Gaia account... Ive had it for two years, and I only have one friend...So...If any of you guys have accounts on Gaia (I know some of you do!! Somewhere out there!!) PLEASE Add me as a friend or something. My username is Ookami_yasha18.


Anyhoo, Ill be away this weekend ( i think ) so yeah. Hope you guys have a super weekend!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

I added some fanart yesterday! its sorta crap though XD

Anyhoo, Ill update better tomorrow cuz I have to go to a musical now -_-

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lest we forget
Tis Rememberance Day.
We had a ceremony at school yesterday *yawn...* We had to sit in the uncomfortable bleachers. BUT! We did miss half an hour of Chemistry, so that was fine.

Tonight, Im going to my friend, Saruka's birthday party!!! Its her first birthday party ever! (LOL shes turning 16 too!) Yes, so it'll be very specials.

Surprisingly I dont think I failed my Physics unit test (knock on wood......)I hope I didnt, cuz this one counts for the mid term marks *dies*

I have to go to a musical tomorrow....a religious musical...(My family isnt ever religious!! The people we're going with are) Its gonna be hell...ahh...... *cries*

Anyways, I DO plan on adding some fanart today. Funfun.
Also, the awesome video I suggested for the Otaku Attraction was chosen!! If you havent watched it, go watch it cuz it rocks!

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Saturday, November 4, 2006

Hey guys!! How ya doing??
Sorry I didnt get to update on Halloween, I was busy handing out candies to [greedy] little kids XD
What did you guys do for Halloween? Go trick-or-treating? I wish I could have!( This was my first year that I didnt!! Wahh..I guess 16 is a bit old..but)

Anyhoo, Umm I might post some pictures of my Halloween costume (that I wore to school) I really wish I had a picture of me and my friend Angela! (She was little red riding hood) But Im too stupid to think about taking once in a life time photos! HAha

Oh yeah, we have a long weekend!!! Yay!! So happy^_^

I also might add some fanart later today (finally).
Hopefully I'll add more than one piece.

Anyways, Im off to go watch Death Note!! Its sooo good *squee* Have a great day!

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

One of those days...
*sigh* Its one of those realllly bad days, where everything seems to go wrong...
This morning, I did laundry, but put in the wrong detergent (damn!) And THEN! When I was hanging it out, a pair of jeans and a sock fell into my rotten tomato patch....where theres lotsa rotten tomatoes and bugs...ew..
Then I spilt orange juice all over myself and my pancakes *cries*
THEN to make things just a bit worse, its pouring rain....on my laundry...which I hung outside cuz I thought it'd be sunny....so now its soaked, again.

Anyways, apart from that , i have uber good news!!! I GOT...A JOB!! Haha FINALLY. Im working at the mall doing christmas stuff in december. 'Shall be fun!

We have a short week in school this week! YAY! And on Tuesday theres halloween stuff!! Im dressing up as a Bumble bee!! HEhe maybe ill post pictures..
Also, my friends are being: Little red riding hood (no wolf though) mimes, and witches (i think). We'll look really funny XD

Yeah, anyways, My internet has been offline forever, so I might not make it to all of your sites, but Ill try my bestest!!

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Yay!! No school today!^_^

AHhh AHHHH Im soooo scared. Ok. I applied for this job at a mall (being one of "santa's helpers" around christmas time) and the lady who does interview etc. phoned me, but I was at piano. Now, I cant get a hold of her!!( Ive phoned twice, and she isnt there ) And so, Im just playing the waiting game *SCARED*
Yeah, then hopefully Ill get to go to an interview...which...is...EVEN SCARIER!!! AHH Im so scared. I want to job, but I'll probably muck up the interview.

Anyways, Umm I seem to have misplaced my mp3 player....which is bad. Very bad. Also, Im going away to the States tomorrow. Shall be fun.

Um~~ Lets see... [I hate to say it but,[ I started watching Bleach the other day. Its..interesting I guess. Ill keep watching it when I find the time.

Yup. So, Im gonna go eat lunch, the pace around waiting for the phone to ring! Wish me luck!

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