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Saturday, October 22, 2005

~~What It Is..~~
I could see living this way forever
Because I like who I am right now
And I never worry about the future
I know we'll make it through somehow

* * *

You've got too many thoughts in your head
I don't see how you listen to them all
When all you've gotta know is one thing
Together we won't ever fall

* * *

I could try to see things a new way
If that's who you really want me to be
But even when you say it is
I know not to take you seriously

* * *

Because life isn't all sunshine and roses
Life isn't a worn path to tread
Life isn't how we live day-to-day
Life's more than what you do 'til you're dead

* * *

Life is the little moments between us
Life is every word that you say
Life is how I know that Iím falling
Life is every day that you stay.

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