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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Yami No Matsuei Sleep-over
Okay starting from now I'm gonna do a fan-fic for Yami No Matsuei..
Please be warned that I age it 13+
some of the other chapters may be a bit over rated so please don't blame me...

~Chapter One~ “Reasons Why Not to Host a Slumber Party”

A slumber party.

Tatsumi couldn’t believe he was hosting a slumber party. It had all been Tsuzuki’s idea, of course, and unfortunately Tatsumi was far from immune to the purple-eyed boy’s charms. A sniffled “Tatsumiiii~” and some sparkly tears were all it took before Tatsumi found himself agreeing to have Tsuzuki, Watari and Hisoka stay at his place for a night.

I am a stupid fool, he thought to himself as someone knocked on his door. As he opened it, he was surprised to see not three, but four other boys outside.

“Muraki-kun!” The air fairly crackled with lightning as Tatsumi glared at the other boy. Tsuzuki sprouted puppy ears.

“I’m sorry Tatsumi,” Tsuzuki whimpered, “He asked really nicely if he could come along and I said yes because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings and I thought you wouldn’t mind because you’re the nicest person in the whole world and you’re always so friendly even if a little bit too concerned and he did ask really nicely!”

Deep breath. The other four boys just stood staring at Tsuzuki, silently envying his supreme talking skills. Tatsumi paused for a few seconds longer before sighing and giving up. He couldn’t resist the puppy ears, and after all, what was the worst Muraki could do?

“All right, but if you do anything weird, I’ll hurt you,” he said to Muraki as he stood to the side. Tsuzuki bounced in happily, closely following by an also-bouncing Watari. Hisoka grunted and wandered in with his hands in his pockets. Muraki smiled and glided after the other boys. Tatsumi considered wiping the smug look off Muraki’s face, but decided such violence would only upset Tsuzuki and that was the last thing he wanted to do.

“Yay!” Tsuzuki squealed as he plopped himself in the middle of Tatsumi’s living room. Watari pounced on top of Tsuzuki, resulting in a pile of tangled arms and legs and a lot of giggling.

Hisoka rolled his eyes and sat on the couch, pulling a book out his bag. He didn’t care for stupid games. He was only here because Tsuzuki had pulled the big sparkly eyes and puppy ears on him. There should be a law against using weapons like that, he thought as he flipped the book open.

Muraki sat on the floor next to Tsuzuki and waited until Watari had untangled them. Tsuzuki’s grace was apparent as he went careening backwards…straight into Muraki’s arms.

“Are you all right, Asato-kun?” Muraki whispered darkly, brushing hair away from Tsuzuki’s eyes. Tsuzuki blushed and a large vein popped out of Tatsumi’s forehead.

“I’m…fine…thank you,” Tsuzuki said, bolting upright and moving away from Muraki. Tatsumi dropped some books on his desk with a loud thunk, then sat and glared at Muraki who in turn smirked. Tsuzuki examined the books Tatsumi had dropped.

“Tatsumi!” He shrieked, “These are textbooks! You can’t do homework now! This is supposed to be a party!”

There was a stunned silence as everyone turned to look at Tatsumi and his sacrilegious textbooks. An uncharacteristic blush rose up Tatsumi’s neck as he looked at the shocked faces around the room.

“But it’s…due on Monday…” He offered weakly. No response. Only horrified stares. Finally, Watari broke the silence.

“Sei-chan has forgotten how to have fun!” He guffawed, “He’s lost his sense of humour and gone all square-shaped!” He winked and held up a finger. “Not to worry,” he grinned, “I have just the thing to keep his mind off homework.”

There was a collective sweatdrop.

“Don’t…don’t call me Sei-chan,” Tatsumi muttered, dreading what the scientifically inclined boy had in mind.

Watari rustled around in his bag for a few minutes, with the occasional grunt emanating from his mouth. Tsuzuki tried peeking over his shoulder to see if he could help, while Hisoka buried his nose in his book and pretended not to know anyone else in the room. Tatsumi looked for a way out, and fast, while Muraki spent his time checking out Tsuzuki’s backside. Finally, Watari surfaced.

“I built it out of some junk in my garage. Isn’t it great!?” He enthused, waving the homemade science kit around happily. Tsuzuki made some appropriate awed noises, while Tatsumi edged towards his bedroom. There was a lock on his bedroom door, he thought wildly, but would it be strong enough to keep an enthusiastic Watari out?

“Are you sure that’s safe?” Hisoka asked without looking up from his book. He’d heard what Watari had done to the school science lab, and he was pretty sure Tatsumi didn’t want the same thing happening to his living room. Muraki seemed to find the whole idea funny, though, if the smile plastered on his face was anything to go by.

“Of course it’s safe,” Watari dismissed with a wave, “I’ve carefully tested every item and material myself. In fact, I have a new experiment I want to try out. Any volunteers?” His question was met with a meaningful silence. Pouting, Watari turned to Tatsumi.

“Since you were naughty and tried to do homework while we’re trying to have fun, I think you should be my guinea pig,” He grinned. Tatsumi’s eyes widened and he gave serious consideration to making a dive for his bedroom, but it was too late. Watari had already latched onto his arm and was dragging him into the middle of the room.

“Tatsumi is brave,” Tsuzuki said, sprouting puppy ears and grinning widely. Watari beamed and took a little vial of clear liquid out of his kit. He presented it to Tatsumi.

“What is this supposed to do?” Tatsumi asked, suspiciously. Watari shrugged.

“It’s an extrovert potion,” he said. “It will make you do all the stuff you secretly want to do but consider inappropriate.” Tatsumi looked horrified, but everyone else in the room seemed to think that this was a good idea. Even Hisoka put his book down in anticipation of the spectacle to come.

“Be careful it doesn’t blow you up, Tatsumi-kun,” Muraki grinned. Watari shot Muraki a hurt look, and Tatsumi’s face drained of colour as he stared at the vial Watari was waving in front of him.

“…Blow me up?” He asked hoarsely.

“It won’t blow you up,” Watari pouted, “I’d need to actually use explosive chemicals for that to happen, and there aren’t any, I promise!”

Tatsumi didn’t look convinced, but Tsuzuki was in full puppy-mode and watching with bright eyes, obviously looking forward to whatever might happen. Tatsumi didn’t want to disappoint him, but…Watari’s reputation…

“I double dare you,” Watari chirped. Tatsumi blinked, then reached for the vial. He couldn’t resist a double dare. Everyone watched in anticipation as he removed the cork and downed the contents.

“How do you feel?” Watari asked, peering at the other boy.

“I feel…” Tatsumi paused for a minute to sort through what he was feeling. “I feel…strangely aroused…” he said finally. There was another deep, stunned silence as everyone took in this information.

“Wait…” Hisoka said slowly, “You mean aroused as in…sexually?”

“Yes…” Tatsumi paused and pushed his glasses up his nose. “How long is this going to last?” He asked, looking to Watari.

“Oh, not long. Maybe a couple of hours or so,” The blonde replied. “What I’m more worried about is that you only just ingested it and it’s already affecting you. It’s not supposed to do anything for at least five minutes.”

“So he’s…going to get worse?” Tsuzuki asked, fluttering his eyes at Watari. His answer came quickly as he noticed Tatsumi looking at him with a thin smile.

“Tat…Tatsumi?” He backed away a little bit. “Are you okay?”

“Never better,” Tatsumi replied, “Say, Tsuzuki-kun, do you want a tour of my bedroom? I have some…chocolate…in there if you want it…”

Collective facefault. Even Muraki seemed shocked.

“Watari!” Tsuzuki launched himself at Watari and tried to strangle him. “Look what you’ve done! You’ve turned Tatsumi into a horndog!”

“I didn’t know it was going to do this!” Watari yelped and tried to pry Tsuzuki’s hands away from his neck, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Asato-kun! Don’t hurt me! It wasn’t me anyway! It’s just what Tatsumi really thinks and feels! It’s not my fault!”

“Hey…I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” Tatsumi sweatdropped, “Well, mostly…”

“Well, it will wear off after a couple of hours anyway, right?” Hisoka asked, turning back to his book, “Hurting Yutaka-kun isn’t going to solve anything, Asato-kun.” He was a little disappointed. No explosions, no green skin, no antennae.

“That’s…quite a potion you’ve made,” Muraki said quietly, stroking his chin. “Maybe you should give some to Asato-kun.”

Tsuzuki was about to voice his opinion on that idea when a fist flew out of nowhere and landed squarely on Muraki’s nose. Said nose spouted red liquid and its owner fell back in shock. Everyone stared at the fist, then followed the arm up to realize that the offending weapon belonged to Tatsumi.

“You know, Muraki-kun,” He said conversationally, “I really don’t like the way you look at Tsuzuki-kun. I also don’t like the way you act around him. In general, I just don’t like the attention you pay him. In fact, I dislike it so much that every time I see you I just want to ram your head through a hard brick wall.”

The shock was evident on the other boys’ faces. Muraki’s hand was still covering his broken nose even as Tsuzuki leapt up.

“Ahh! Muraki is bleeding all over Tatsumi’s carpet! I’ll go get the first aid kit! You must have one in your bathroom, right, Tatsumi?” He didn’t wait for a reply before bounding off. Muraki blinked a couple of times before smirking at Tatsumi.

“Is there a particular reason you don’t like the attention I pay to Asato-kun?” He asked.

“Of course there is!” Tatsumi retorted, “I don’t want you near Tsuzuki-kun! You are a manipulative psychopath, and even if you weren’t I still wouldn’t want you near him!”

“Why’s that?” Muraki asked, clearly with some goal in mind.

“Because I love him!” Tatsumi exclaimed, and then realized what he’d said. His eyes widened and a hand clapped over his mouth. Watari and Hisoka’s jaws dropped, and Muraki snickered. It was that moment that Tsuzuki came bouncing back in.

“I found it!” He cried happily, “Now we can fix your nose, Muraki!” He waved the first aid kit around enthusiastically. Tatsumi took one look at Tsuzuki and fled to his room, locking the door behind him.

“What did I do?” Tsuzuki asked, puppy ears drooping.

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