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Thursday, December 1, 2005

   I made my First Wallpaper
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yay! I can't believe it, I finally made my first background and its the one I'm using as a wallpaper right now.
I would submit to the Otaku wallpapers but it doesn't come up, even though its submitted.
But I'm still so happy.
I even made my own avatar.
I probably sound like a little kid who just got a new toy.lol ^_^
Well ttyl


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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

   My Love
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My love is like an ocean
It goes down so deep
My love is like a rose
Whose beauty you want to keep.

My love is like a river
That will never end
My love is like a dove
With a beautiful message to send.

My love is like a song
That goes on and on forever
My love is like a prisoner
It's to you that I surrender.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

   Sesshoumaru and Kagome Comic Strip!
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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hello Everyone.
Man I don't get enough time to get on the internet as much as I used too *sniff*.
Sorry that I haven't been around anybodies site in ages.
Now I feel horribel...
I'll be online tomorrow so I can check out your sites then okay?

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

   Finally Back
Hi Everyone, Sorry I haven't been round and commenting on peoples posts..I've been ill.
So what has everyone been upto, I hope you all had a nice halloween and bonfire night.

Please tell me if you like this theme or the Get Backers (Akabane)Theme I had on before this one, because it was driving me mad if I should change it or not.

Ah well, I have to go now so.
Ttyl *hugs*

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

   Anti Suicide
In the shadows of the night
I play a game of hide and seek
With who? myself, the stones in my heart.

I file myself behind a wall
No one can find me, or even hear my sounds,
Of pain and agony moaning in my heart.

With my hopes, I stay alive
hiding, hiding, no i won't give in
and there I send things to the case in my heart.

In memories I dream
beside my hate, lies a love
that has become so dear in my heart.

I ponder so, every day
where every moment is passed through.
It that would I wish to never leave in my heart.

With all the time of thought,
It's all that passes my mind.
My every motion is for just one in my heart.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

~~What It Is..~~
I could see living this way forever
Because I like who I am right now
And I never worry about the future
I know we'll make it through somehow

* * *

You've got too many thoughts in your head
I don't see how you listen to them all
When all you've gotta know is one thing
Together we won't ever fall

* * *

I could try to see things a new way
If that's who you really want me to be
But even when you say it is
I know not to take you seriously

* * *

Because life isn't all sunshine and roses
Life isn't a worn path to tread
Life isn't how we live day-to-day
Life's more than what you do 'til you're dead

* * *

Life is the little moments between us
Life is every word that you say
Life is how I know that I’m falling
Life is every day that you stay.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

School on Monday started quite normally. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. Well, except for the way Watari was sneaking along the corridors in his best ninja impression. He pinned something up on the notice board, then crept away in the opposite direction.

Later that day, there was a crowd around said notice board. Hisoka noticed it first, as he was looking for anything to distract Tsuzuki who was following him around like an obedient puppy. They wandered over, and several of the boys turned and grinned at Tsuzuki.

“Hey, Tsuzuki-kun! I didn’t know you liked boys!”

“So you got a thing for Tatsumi-kun, huh?”

“Were you and Muraki-kun dating or something?”

“Yeah, coz he looks really jealous in these photos!”

“Photos?” Hisoka blinked. Tsuzuki was flapping his arms around in a flurry at all the questions. Hisoka pushed through the crowd to look at the notice board. Then he stopped dead.

“Oh god…Tatsumi-kun is going to have a fit if he sees this,” he said softly. Pinned up on the notice board were a wide range of photos that Watari had taken at the slumber party. Most of them made it look like Tsuzuki was doing…things to Tatsumi.

“I so better take these down before Tatsumi-kun sees them,” Hisoka said, reaching up to do so.

“Take what down before Tatsumi-kun sees them?”

Hisoka froze. Tatsumi stood just behind him, and looked at the notice board. Hisoka sweatdropped and immediately started moving away. He didn’t want to be in the vicinity anymore.

Sure enough, all hell broke loose.

“I’m going to kill him!” Tatsumi screeched, then proceeded to break anything and anyone within reach. In the science lab, Watari felt a very cold shiver go down his spine. Must be the airconditioning, he thought.

Elsewhere in the school, Muraki was going through his bag. It seemed to him he’d forgotten one of his books.

“Where is it?” He growled as he ruffled through things. Suddenly, he caught a flash of something pink. He moved some books aside, and then screamed, dropped his bag, and scuttled away.

Kumagoro didn’t do anything. But he was just a pink stuffed rabbit – so what could he do?

~The End~

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

~Chapter Four~ “Reasons Why Not to Sleep With Stuffed Animals”
Tsuzuki yawned and rubbed his eyes. Tatsumi had pried him off his leg and locked himself in his bedroom again, and Muraki had passed out on the couch. This left Tsuzuki to deal with Watari, who, for some unknown reason, had suddenly decided Tsuzuki’s hair would look utterly adorable with pink bows tied into it randomly.

“Watari, I really don’t think pink is my colour…” Tsuzuki whined sleepily.

“Of course it is!” Watari chirped, “I have excellent taste in such things, and I say it suits you perfectly. It compliments your purple eyes, see.”

Tsuzuki wasn’t too sure about that, but he figured it probably wasn’t a smart idea to argue with someone when they had a fistful of your hair.

“Where’s Hisoka?” Tsuzuki asked, suddenly aware that he hadn’t seen the smaller boy since they first tried to sneak into Tatsumi’s kitchen. Watari paused from his bow-tying duties to look around.

“I’m not sure…oh! There he is,” he said, pointing over to the corner, “Too much excitement I guess. He’s fallen asleep.”

“Hisoka is smart,” Tsuzuki noted, stifling another yawn. “I’m kind of tired too, Watari. Maybe we should go to sleep as well.” Watari thought about this for a moment before nodding and taking the bows out of Tsuzuki’s hair.

“Should we let Sei-chan know?” He pondered aloud. Tsuzuki solved this by hopping over to Tatsumi’s door and knocking gently. Very gently. Barely audible. Which was kind of silly, because…

“Tatsumiiii~! We’re gonna go to sleep now, okay!? Nightynight!” He called through the keyhole. Watari stuck a finger in his ear and wondered if he was deaf now or not.

“Fine! Sleep well!” Tatsumi’s voice came back, just as loudly. Muraki snorted and rolled over on the couch. Watari watched in awe as the bundle that was Hisoka didn’t even have a change in his breathing. Offhand, Watari wished he could sleep that deeply.

Tsuzuki plopped himself back on the floor next to Watari and curled up in his sleeping bag.

“Night, Watari,” he yawned, “Sleep well.”

“You too,” Watari mumbled, before crawling into his own sleeping bag.

Tsuzuki had been dozing in that half-awake state before sleep for a few minutes, before he noticed something sliding over the outside of his sleeping bag. He tried brushing it off, only to notice it was Watari’s hand.

Watari’s. Hand. Wandering all over his body.

Shuddering at all sorts of mental images that found their way into his head, Tsuzuki crawled away from the longhaired blonde caterpillar-style (as he was still in his sleeping bag). He settled down again several meters away from Watari, and fell back into his dozing state.

At least until something light brushed his cheek.

He sighed and looked up, only to realize he’d crawled directly under Muraki’s hand that was dangling off the couch. Bad choice.

“Nn…Asato-kun…” Muraki mumbled in his alcohol-induced sleep. Tsuzuki sweatdropped and started to crawl in another direction, too late. Muraki’s hand snagged Tsuzuki’s sleeping bag and hauled it up onto the couch with him. Tsuzuki started to yelp, but then remembered everyone else was asleep. He didn’t really want to wake them all up.

Plus, Muraki’s hands were wandering, and he really didn’t want everyone to wake up and find him in this position. Although Muraki would probably be pleased.

“How can you…do things like this…even in your sleep?” Tsuzuki asked as he wormed his way out of Muraki’s embrace. Muraki didn’t answer, but then, Tsuzuki hadn’t really expected him to.

With a plop, Tsuzuki landed back on the floor. He began worming his way across the room before Muraki’s body noticed the lack of warm Tsuzuki next to it.

He settled next to Hisoka happily. At least he wouldn’t start feeling Tsuzuki up in his sleep. At least, Tsuzuki didn’t think he would, but you just never knew things like that nowadays.

Tsuzuki settled down and started dozing again, which finally lead to sleep. For several hours, there was beautiful, peaceful silence in Tatsumi’s house, despite it’s current occupants.

In the wee hours of the morning, Hisoka blearily came awake. He could have sworn he felt someone grope him. He wondered how anyone got into his sleeping bag without him knowing. He looked down to see who it might be.

And promptly screamed the house awake.

“Hisoka? Hisoka! What’s wrong?” Tsuzuki asked the smaller boy, who had attached himself to Tsuzuki’s torso. Watari was wide awake already, and Tatsumi had come bursting in when he heard Hisoka scream.

“Th…the…ra…ra…” He pointed a shaky finger towards his sleeping bag. Muraki, who was grumpy and hungover already, wandered over and tipped Hisoka’s sleeping bag upside down.

Kumagoro fell out.

“The rabbit molested me!” Hisoka cried in horror, then buried his face in Tsuzuki’s chest, sobbing.

Collective sweatdrop.

“Ano…Hisoka…it’s just a toy, ne?” Tsuzuki said soothingly.

“Right,” Watari agreed, “there’s no possible way it molested you.”

“It probably just shifted while you were sleeping,” Tatsumi added. Muraki was examining the stuffed rabbit. Suddenly he yelped and scuttled backwards.

“Mu…Muraki-kun?” Tatsumi blinked at Muraki’s odd behaviour. Muraki pointed at the stuffed toy.

“It…it really did just grope me!” He said quietly, his eyes wide with horror. A vein popped out of Tatsumi’s forehead and he stomped Muraki’s nose.

“What do you think you’re doing? Trying to scare Kurosaki-kun like that!?” He snarled.

“I’m not lying!” Muraki yelped, “I’m really not! It came alive, I swear!” Mentally, he noted his nose needed setting again.

“See? See? I’m not crazy!” Hisoka cried. Tsuzuki, Watari and Tatsumi looked at each other, then at Kumagoro. Tatsumi stepped towards it.

“Careful, Tatsumi,” Tsuzuki mumbled. Tatsumi took a deep breath, then picked the plush pink rabbit up. He looked it over for a few moments.

“You’re all kooky,” he said finally. “It’s just a normal toy rabbi—EEK!” He dropped Kumagoro and leapt backwards. “It…it groped me!” He shrieked, “It really did! What the hell kind of toy is that, Muraki-kun!?”

“I don’t know!” Muraki flapped his arms around in confusion, “I figured it was just like any old toy!”

“It’s evil!” Hisoka shrieked, “Evil beyond all other evils!”

“So let’s get rid of it then!” Tsuzuki beamed, throwing a V sign.

Watari was wondering about the sanity of the other boys in the room at the moment. It still looked like any old stuffed rabbit to him. But this was proving to be an interesting game, and certainly alleviated any boredom.

“Why don’t we just throw it out the window then?” Watari offered. Everyone else nodded emphatically.

“You do it, Muraki-kun,” Tatsumi said, “it’s your stupid toy, after all.”

“No way,” Muraki replied, “I’m not going anywhere near it.”

“Ne, Tatsumi, do you have a broom?” Tsuzuki’d had an idea. “We could just nudge it out the door or something.”

“Right.” Tatsumi disappeared to find a broom, while everyone else stood and stared at Kumagoro. Kumagoro himself didn’t seem to bothered by all the fuss, but then, he was just a stuffed rabbit, so what was he supposed to do?

Tatsumi returned with a broom.

“Let’s push it all the way to the sidewalk,” Tsuzuki said, “that way someone else might pick it up or it might blow away or something.” Everyone else nodded in agreement – this was a good idea. But now they had to decide who was going to actually risk coming into contact with Kumagoro again.

“You do it,” Tatsumi said, handing the broom to Muraki.

“No way. You do it,” Muraki said, pushing it back towards Tatsumi.

“It’s your stupid toy,” Tatsumi bit out.

“It’s your stupid house,” Muraki replied.

“Just get rid of it already, you idiots!” Hisoka screeched.

“I’d offer to do it, except for two reasons,” Tsuzuki said. Everyone looked at him expectantly.

“First reason is Hisoka is still attached to my chest,” Tsuzuki grinned, and mussed up Hisoka’s hair. Hisoka glared and blushed at the same time.

“Second reason,” Tsuzuki continued, “is that I am a coward.” The other boys sweatdropped.

“Figures,” Watari noted, then added, “I’m not gonna do it either, so don’t any of you look at me.”

“So it goes back to you,” Tatsumi said, throwing the broom at Muraki.

“No, it goes back to you,” Muraki replied, and shoved the broom back into Tatsumi’s hands. Watari, Tsuzuki and Hisoka sweatdropped.

“We’re never going to get rid of it at this rate,” Hisoka mumbled.

“Asato-kun!” Watari said, in full “I have a brilliant idea” pose number 421. “Tell them that whoever gets rid of the rabbit, you’ll give them a cuddle.”

“Do…do I have to?” Tsuzuki asked. He wouldn’t mind cuddling Tatsumi, but Muraki was very scary...

“Of course not!” Watari said, waving his arms around, “Just tell them you will!”

“But that’s lying,” Tsuzuki pointed out.

“So?” Watari blinked.

“Not gonna do it,” Tsuzuki said stubbornly.

Finally, it seemed, Muraki swiped the broom from Tatsumi hands and approached Kumagoro carefully. Kumagoro, to his credit, was just sitting quietly and not groping anyone.

“Good bunny...” Muraki cooed, and prodded Kumagoro with the broom gently. Nothing happened, so he gave the rabbit a little push. Kumagoro fell over. Full of confidence now, Muraki started nudging Kumagoro towards the door.

“Maybe I can lock Muraki-kun out when he takes the rabbit out,” Tatsumi wondered out loud. Tsuzuki gave him a Look.

“That’d be mean, Tatsumi,” he said plainly. Tatsumi was about to say he had no qualms about being mean, but then Tsuzuki was fluttering his eyelashes at him, and he was lost.

“Someone open the door for me,” Muraki said. Watari stepped forward and opened the front door. Muraki took a deep breath, then swiped the broom at Kumagoro in the same way a hockey player hits the puck.

Kumagoro flew out the front door and onto the street where a truck ran over him. He was, however, unscathed.

“Shut the door!” Hisoka screamed, and Watari complied. The five boys sank to the floor panting, marvelling at their brush with the worst evil in the universe.

“Do you think…we’ll ever see it again?” Tsuzuki queried, panting.

“I hope not,” Hisoka sobbed, still attached to Tsuzuki’s chest. Then he seemed to realize where he was, because he let go of Tsuzuki as if the larger boy were red hot (which, he was sure, Muraki would insist he was).

“Idiot! Why were you holding me like that?” He screeched. Tsuzuki winced.

“Hisoka, you glomped onto me! I was just holding you so we didn’t both fall down flat! It’s not my fault!”

“You’re a pervert!” Hisoka screamed.

“I am not!” Tsuzuki snapped, “You touched me first!”

“Oh, so you were taking advantage of my trauma?”

“Guys…” Watari raised his hand as if in class. Everyone turned to look at him.

“You’re all gloating over the fact you just defeated a pink stuffed rabbit toy.”

Everyone nodded.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit lame?” He asked, sweatdropping. The four other boys in the room looked at each other in turn, then at Watari.

“Yeah, well, what do you know?” Muraki said, then yelped as another one of Hisoka’s books hit him in the face.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

~Chapter Three~ “Reasons Why Not to Drink Alcohol”
“Ne, Muraki, what’s this?” Tsuzuki asked, holding up a tattered pink rabbit plushie. Muraki winced.

“Some guy at school has one just like it,” he explained, “it’s called Kumagoro or something weird like that. The guy’s name is Ryuichi, I think. Anyway, he proclaimed very loudly that I looked lonely and needed company, so he’d get a copy of his Kumagoro and give it to me. He did, and that’s the result. It freaks hell out of me,” he admitted.

“I can see why,” Tsuzuki replied, sweatdropping at the stuffed rabbit. It was something akin to the devil, or maybe just evil incarnate.

“I prefer dolls anyway,” Muraki confessed. The other boys sweatdropped.

“So…um….” Watari looked around trying to change the subject. “If we can’t play games, what can we do?”

“Ooh! I know! I know!” Tsuzuki bounced around, “I made sure to bring something in case things got boring! Let met get it!”

He scrabbled around in his bag for a while. Tatsumi had a flash of déjà vu and shot an evil look at Watari, who hid behind Hisoka. After all, it wasn’t his fault that Tatsumi had embarrassed himself – it was Tatsumi’s own choice to take the potion. Well, mostly.

“Whee!” Tsuzuki squealed as he surfaced, holding a bottle of sake in his hand. Everyone else stared, wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

“Tsuzuki-kun! Where did you get that?” Tatsumi asked, snatching it off the other boy.

“It’s kind of hard to explain,” Tsuzuki whimpered, “I have my sources, can we just leave it at that? Can I have it back now?”

“No! What in blazes possessed you to bring alcohol into my house!?”

“Relax, Tatsumi-kun,” Muraki said, “this might not be as bad as you think.”

“Did I say you could open your mouth?” Tatsumi snarled in response. Muraki grimaced – obviously Watari’s potion was still having some effect. But he refused to let a few harsh words beat him down.

“I was thinking that the sake could come in handy,” he continued, “we could settle our differences with it.” This seemed to interest Tatsumi a little bit.

“What do you mean?” Tatsumi asked suspiciously.

“I mean a drinking competition. Unless, of course, you’re not up for that sort of thing…being the good little student and all.” Muraki didn’t even try to hide his sneer, but it looked very comical when accompanied by his broken nose. Tatsumi thought about this for a few minutes.

“All right, I accept,” he said, then put the bottle down and went to find some glasses. Tsuzuki, Watari and Hisoka all looked at each other with worried expressions. None of them had ever seen either Tatsumi or Muraki drunk before, and they were a tad worried about what might happen. Especially with Tatsumi still under Watari’s potion’s influence.

“You know, I think it would be in our best interests to leave the room,” Watari said, backing up against the wall. Tsuzuki and Hisoka followed, and all three of them were edging towards the kitchen when Tatsumi returned, and nearly trampled them.

“Where do you suppose you three are off to?” He asked, tapping his foot.

“We thought we’d hide in the kitchen until you and Muraki-kun had both passed out,” Hisoka said bluntly. Tatsumi raised an eyebrow.

“You expect me to trust Tsuzuki-kun in my kitchen, with my food, without my supervision?” Tatsumi deadpanned. Hisoka thought that was a very good point, but didn’t say that out loud.

“But we’ll be there to watch him,” Watari said, trying to slip past the bigger boy. Tatsumi wasn’t convinced, and nudged Watari back into the living room with his foot, something of the way a person would move a small dog out of their way.

“You can amuse yourselves in here, thank you very much,” Tatsumi growled, “I can keep myself and Muraki-kun out of trouble in a corner somewhere and still keep an eye on you three. Watch a video or something,” he added as he herded the boys back into the center of the room.

“Well, I did bring a video you could borrow if you like,” Muraki smirked. Then he threw a video case at Tsuzuki, who caught it and looked at the title. He turned white.

“’Deep Throat’!?” Tsuzuki screamed, dropping the video as if it had been set on fire. Watari and Hisoka’s eyes widened and they stared the case on the floor.

“Just what kind sick hobbies do you have, Muraki-kun?” Hisoka choked.

“I take offence,” Muraki sniffed, “you’re probably just jealous that I can get my hands on videos like that and you can’t.”

“All right, all right, settle down,” Tatsumi said, sitting himself on the side of a small coffee table, “Muraki-kun, are we going to do this or what?” Muraki grinned and sat on the other side. Tatsumi poured the sake.

“You know, I think watching this could be more interesting than a video anyway,” Watari said, plopping himself near the coffee table turned battlefield. Tsuzuki agreed and sat next to him.

“You’re all idiots,” Hisoka mumbled. He felt left out. He wasn’t interested in Tatsumi and Muraki slagging off at each other, and since Tsuzuki and Watari were going to watch them that left nothing for him to do. So he wandered over to his sleeping bag, crawled in with a book (one that had not yet been thrown at Muraki) and sulked.

Meanwhile, Tatsumi and Muraki had begun their drinking competition. Neither of them was very well acquainted with alcohol, so Tsuzuki figured it wouldn’t take long before they were slurring and passing out.

It started out easy enough. Shot for shot, Tatsumi and Muraki matched each other. No one was counting how many shots there were. Tsuzuki and Watari were just waiting for the first signs of intoxication, which soon appeared.

“Maybe this wasn’t so smart,” Tatsumi mumbled, removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes. He was starting to feel sleepy.

“Coward,” Muraki slurred in reply.

“I read you can even die if you drink too much alcohol,” Watari chirped from the sidelines, “it’s called alcohol poisoning!”

“Oh, well, that’s a cheery thought,” Tatsumi growled.

“Ehh? You don’t think they’ll get that, do you Watari?” Tsuzuki’s puppy ears popped out again, “I don’t want Tatsumi to die!”

“What about me?” Muraki pouted, “don’t you care about what happens to me, Asato-kun?” Tsuzuki thought about this for a moment. He didn’t want to hurt Muraki’s feelings, but…

“Well, Muraki is so strong, I don’t think he’d die that easily,” he settled for instead. This made Tatsumi’s head snap up.

“So you don’t think I’m very strong, Tsuzuki-kun?” He asked, feeling a little hurt. Tsuzuki let out a little meep sound. He was going to stick his foot in his mouth any second at the rate this was going.

“Er…of course I do, Tatsumi,” Tsuzuki said carefully, “but since you and I have known each other longer, I just thought you already knew that.”

“What, so he’s a better friend than me because you’ve known him longer?” Muraki demanded, slamming his glass on the coffee table after his shot. Tsuzuki sweatdropped.

“No! It’s not that! It’s just that I see Tatsumi more often and you always try and…touch me…when you’re around, and it kind of freaks me out a little…”

“That’s right!” Tatsumi slurred, also slamming his glass on the coffee table, “you’re always touching him and being weird! You shouldn’t do that so much! A person is liable to break your nose!”

“You already did that!” Muraki snarled, his voice raising in both volume and pitch.

“So I did!” Tatsumi expressed with mock surprise, “and what an improvement on your face it is, too!”

By this time, Tsuzuki and Watari were taking turns hiding behind each other. Muraki and Tatsumi were getting louder and more animated, and the two younger boys both feared things would soon come to blows. When they did, neither of them wanted to be in the line of fire.

“Ne, Watari,” Tsuzuki whispered, “I don’t think that potion you gave Tatsumi was such a good idea.”

“Me either,” Watari conceded, “I really wasn’t expecting him to be so…passionate deep down inside. I mean, he’s really scary!”

“Not to mention the alcohol,” Tsuzuki added, watching Tatsumi and Muraki yell at each other, the sake on the table seemingly forgotten.

“And what’s more…” Tatsumi seemed to be about to drop a bombshell, some vital piece of proof that Muraki was the scum of the earth.

“You know, you’re really quite cute when you’re angry,” Muraki said softly.

Tatsumi stopped mid sentence, posing dramatically. A single sweatdrop worked its way down the back of his head. Tsuzuki and Watari also froze.

“…what did you just say?” Tatsumi asked quietly.

“I said, you’re cute when you’re angry,” Muraki repeated, then poured himself another dose of sake. “Not as cute as Asato-kun, of course, but still cute.”

There was a long moment of silence. Then, Tatsumi’s foot somehow reached over the coffee table to imbed itself in Muraki’s face.

“Are you hitting on me!?” Tatsumi screamed, veins popping out of his head everywhere, “PERVERT!”

“My nose!” Muraki’s muffled voice whimpered. Offhand, he wondered how many times he’d have to set the damn thing before the night was over. Tsuzuki and Watari clung to each other in fear. Uninhibited, drunk Tatsumi was something to both respect, fear, and hide from.

“It was a compliment, damn you!” Muraki growled, trying to pry Tatsumi’s foot off his face. Tatsumi thought about this for a moment, then fell back into a sitting position.

“So it was,” he said thoughtfully. Muraki sweatdropped while Tsuzuki and Watari facefaulted.

“Idiot! You don’t even know a compliment when you receive one! Is that because no one ever compliments you?” Muraki snapped, one hand still gingerly protecting his nose. Tatsumi blushed and a vein popped out of his forehead.

“For your information, that’s right! No one ever does compliment me, even when I’m the one that bails people out of trouble,” he pouted. Tsuzuki figured now was a good opening to lighten the mood a little.

“Sorry Tatsumiiii~!” He squealed as he glomped the older boy, “I love you! Really I do! I’d compliment you more often but sometimes I forget, you know how forgetful I am! You’re really wonderful, though, but you probably shouldn’t need me to tell you that!”

“Tsuzuki-kun!” Tatsumi’s face currently resembled a tomato. “Get…get off me! What are you doing!?”

“More importantly,” Muraki yelled, “why don’t you ever do that to me!?”

Watari had slipped out a small disposable camera and was too busy snapping photos to add to the conversation. Imagine the fuss these would cause at school! In the back of his mind, he began trying out headlines for the school paper…School nerd molested by popular boy. Outcast is jealous! Or maybe, Love Triangle – Between Three Boys? The possibilities went on and on…

“Tsuzuki-kun! Get your hand off my groin!”

“Tatsumiiii~! It’s not on your groin! It’s on your leg!”

“That is not my leg!”

“Well it would be if you didn’t wriggle so much!”

“Asato-kun! Stop that! If you need to grope someone, at least come over here and do it to someone who’ll let you!”

“I am not groping anyone!”

Over in the corner of the living room, Hisoka had already fallen asleep.

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