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Hiya~ welcome to my site! Iím Animeangel993, Iím the creator of this club. I will try to make a contest every week and post regularly.
Itís youíd like to join simply PM me or sign the guestbook. ^^
Every time that the club has an event or update, I will PM you. Enjoy~
If youíd like to add me on myspace hereís a link to my site: http://www.myspace.com/animeangel993 Something that I failed to mention is that, although the name of this club is YearOfTheCatClub, it isnít just about Fruits Basket.
Although I hate to say it, there are rules in this club.
1) Yaoi and Yuri friendly comments please.
2) No fighting between members please.
3) Please be active with the club, if nobody participates and there really isnít any pointÖ

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hey, Sorry everyone but I think I may be deleting this club. It seems I can't run a club after all T-T I fail... Anyways if any of you would like to take the club over instead then I'd be happy to hand it over ^^ Please pm me about it :P Sorry again everyone, I just don't have enough reason to keep this club going...
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Okay so I admit, I've been slacking my ass off with this site but I just haven't been able to think up many things and the club still only has a few members... We have a new member by the way, Please welcome emily15326 ^^ There will no longer be a weekly poll (it seemed like a good idea at frist but doesn't seem to be working...)
I've ran out of ideas so if any of you have some please tell me. I'd apeciate some help right now. Thanks ^^

Actually I just thoght up something! Would you guys like to all make a video of yourself doing anything (well not anything, nothing drity please) and we'll post them and share them ^^ Tell me what you think okay?

Cool sites that you should check out:
1) BisexualityGuild
2) twiliwolf
3) Homsar88

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

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Okay everyone. This week's contest is the same one from last week, just continued! :P
But this weeks poll is:

Weekly Poll
When playing Truth or Dare, Which is more fun?
Truth, you don't have the risk of having to do something nasty that way.
Dare, It's always fun to try somethign new.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Starting things off
Okay everyone. So far our members are: twiliwolf, OMGiwantpieNOW, Homsar88, and DarkFox 013. you are all in the same club so please try to get along with eachother (I'd rather not deal with fighting members) So our first contest is...(insert drum roll here)...Who is the best pairing contest!!! If you can draw a picture of this pairing and convince me why they are the best then you win. ^^ Enjoy~
~Weekly poll~

Weekly Poll
Do you think the new Version Vibrant will be better or worst then what we have now?
O.O there's a new version coming out?! Omg *runs around in cricles and falls down*
I donno what it'll be like...
I think it's going to be better.
Nothing can be better then how MyOtaku is right now!!!
I think they'll be about the same...

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Frist post
Hello everyone~ Welcome to my site ^^
I just started this site off so please excuse the lack of, well everything! (guestbook signings, comments, etc.) Once there are 3 or more members, I'll announce the first contest. ^^ please have patience, this may take a while. I will tell you if there is an update. Thanks you~

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