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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nothing to Say?!
Yes, the title says all. I have nothing to say for once. I should make this quick. *looks at tthe clock* "I Survived a Japanese Gameshow" is on in 10 minutes... Okay then, her we gooooo~

1) I've been having an odd obsession with Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. *listening to theme song now* lol. Whenever I find a new anime, I'm hooked. My previous obsessions? Vocaloid, Air, Death Note, Venus Versus Virus, ect.
Well, I really reccomend you wtch it. It's really good. I had nothing to do so I started one day. Halfway finished the first season in one day. XD I'm begging T-chan to watch it.
"Yaya, I gotta finish my book reports first." (Yeah, my first year with two book reports. >P)
"Aww T-chan, why???"
"Remember Death Note?" I got her hooked on that. Mwahaha. She spent almost every hour of 3 dayys for her to watch the whole series. Don't worry~!! (^_^)" We don't spend every minute of every day watching anime. We're normal people too.
2)I might as well cosplay Hanyuu Furude for Anime Nashua. (Wait. I should check if they're having a "Summer Matsuri" this year. omg last year's was so awesome! It was my favorite con I went to. Even though there was barely any people there, and there wasnt anything I could afford to buy, it was still very fun. I already gots the wig~~ maybe I'll wear her school clothes or her clothes she wears at home. I don't wanna do the whole miko getup.
(I didn't even start reading my books yet.
3) God. Barely any books to choose from for the report. Only about 10. Last year, we got almost 50.
4) OMG check mai portfolio~!! New stuff! Yay!
Gah!!! I'm missing it! Lost track of time already! omg Bye-ni~!!
~With <3 and cookies,

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