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Monday, July 6, 2009

Hi guys!!
Have a good 4th? Mine was okay. My uncle canceled his annual cookout/ fireworks show/ party because he went up north. He also cancelled cause his son just got married a week ago. So I had to resort to going over my dad's friend's dad's house for a while. There wasn't much to do. Everyone there was either old or a highschooler that couldn't care any less about me and T-chan. The pool was freezing. XD So we went over to the neighbor's house to go in the hot tub. lol. After that, we went to our Aunt's house, which had our mom's side of the family. Once again, everyone is much older than us so we were treated like 9 year olds. Again. Our other cousins were 4 and 2. I got really annoyed because I wwanted to join the guy's waterballoon fight. they kept saying, "Kelly and Taylor! I wanna play 'Tag! Your it!'" For some odd reason. I think that they think my name is actually "Kelly and Taylor" instead of just Kelly. XD Oh well. They'll figure it out one day. When we were about to leave to go to my uncle's house, which is where the party was supposed to be, my cousins Liv and Jake came. Oh my god. Some normal people. Me, Tay, and Liv talked for a while. (Oh my god. My cat just jumped on the desk and headbutted me. lol) After staying at my Aunt's for a little while longer, we went home, changed into some jeans and a sweatshirt, and we headed off to the lake, where my uncle's house is. It was so weird to see his house deserted like that. It was really dark. XD Me, Tay, Liv, and Jake went onto the dock and watched the fireworks from there for about an hour.Liv was afraid to feel the water because she thought a fish was going to bite her hand. lol. :3 I stuck my hand in about five times for her to realize that the water is safe. *looks over at the chair in the corner* Aww... >w< Petey (my dog) is laying on the chair. He looks sad. :o I guess it's because my mom just left for work. Petey's a total momma's boy. He sleeps in between my dad and her.
That was my 4th. Wanna tell me about yours??
My pool party was the day before. Wow! Now THAT was fun! I made cupcakes that look like the party guests faces. They weer so cute! I took a picture of them with my camera. I was proud of my achievement. lol. Cupcake decorating.
T-chan and I showed everyone the videos from our school's luau. Even Brandon's video, "Sensei Swears-a-lot from China" Okay Brandon, you really went overboard on that. O_o He doesn't care usually, but he hid in the middle of the video. lol. Hard to believe Brandon (of all people) can get embarrassed like that. He usually yells everything he says and doesn't care what people think about him.
Okay!! Back to the party!!
After the videos, we went in the pool. Nick ticked T-chan off. He jumped out of the pool because Tay wanted to tackle him. lol. We also had a HUGE water balloon fight. Then we went back into the pool some more. Audrey tackled Doug the Terrorist and left marks on his back. Oops. XD. Brandon said a weird comment about Alex and Audrey having the hots for each other. That got both of them mad. lol. It was funny though. Nick pretended he was Super Nick and tied his towel around his neck like a cape. We started filling more water balloons. I got Brandon in the face on accident. He got me back by pushing me in the pool. Well Brandon, I'm sorry. You should know that I'm not an athletic person. I tried to hit Nick!! XD Jake shoved his cupcake in Liv's face. That was funny. Later, Vicki got Nick in the face. Brandon's shorts ripped. lol. My mom lent me some of my stepbrother's. Then we all got changed, went into my room, and started playing video games. Some people screamed random things out the window while they were waiting for a turn. They were screaming things like,
"Hey! You look hot in those shorts, bebeh!!"
"Want some fried chicken?!"
"Oh my god! There's a terrorist (Doug)in my house! Save me!"
"I can see my house from here!"
While we weer in the house, it rained. At least it only rained for about ten minutes. We roasted marshmallows and played with sparklers outside. Then people played tag in the dark, while being bitten by misquitoes. Brandon and Doug tripped in the "hill thing" next to my driveway. They laughed it off. Alex got hit in the head with a pool noodle. Everyone went home at around 10.
I should have another party like that. Except itnstead of an "Oh my god we're free from that horrible dungeon of learning" party, we should have an, "Great. Back to School. Woo." party.
That's it. Check out mai fan art. I added some stuff! <3 *huggle* Baiz!

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