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Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh my god. Finally. School is over!!! :D Oh. Oops. I forgot to say hi to you all. Hai! Like I said, school is finally over. Yay summer vacation!! Lots of things have been goin on. I guess I'll start off about two weeks ago, my school play. Oh! Fyi, I'm using my iPod touch for this entry. :P
Ah yes. The play. The play was Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp. I played a townsperson if you didn't know already. The play on the first day was a total wreck. Aladdin's sword broke in the middlw of the fight, the Genie completely messed up his lines, the princess's microphone wasn't working. My club for the angry mob broke right before the show started ect. The second show was better, but we had to skip two pages of diologue. A random teddybear flew into the audiencd too. Nobody understood the jokes either.
Genie: By the way, the princess said you needed a second.
Aladdin: Oh yeah! She did say that! ....(long pause) What's a second?
Genie: You dont wanna think about it.
Aladdin: OH! I get it! A SECOND enters the battle if the FIRST.... (nervouse ughh sound)

(magician has sword is up to Aladdin's neck) (Genie appears)
Genie: I am the genie of the lamp! I am ready to obey thee! What would you have me do?
Magician: (shocked) WHAT!?
Aladdin: Oh take a guess!!!

Yeah. Random. My lines were so weird though.
Aladdin: ...would you need my help by any chance?
Me: You? What would I need your help for? What could you possibly do for me?

Magician: I must get that lamp!!
Me: Look everybody! The Grand Vizier!
( the court was performing a play for the king)
Sheherazade: And everyone lived happily ever after...
Me: So your majesty, wasn't that the most wonderful tale you've ever heard?

Sheherazade: And wih that my friends I must say adieu
(i run to he dictionary on WHEELS.)

Yup. Weird.
My school also had some awesome grade 6 activities. We had classroom vs classroom trivia. My class won the third year in a row. We also had field day. But not just any field day. There was softball, tug of war, volleyball, scooter racing, basketball, bouncy house things, more basketball, kickball, blow up twister, obstacle courses, and more races!!! Omg it was so much fun!! We got our yearbooks after and we went onto the front lawn for everyone to sign. Wednesday was the teacher vs student softball game. Teachers won. 11 to 3. They win every year. Thursday was our graduation since I'll be goin to jr high next year. We got to skip school afteewards with our principal's permission. Friday waz our annual grade 6 luau!!! >3< omg it was so fun!! I might post some vids T-chan made there. I'll tell u when they're up. ;D
Today-----Last day of school. Today was okay, just bored wih nothing to do but play board games. I just colored. Yes, I got copics. I might post some stuff. I duuno. I dont feel like my art has reached theo's ummm.... Requirements? I dunno. I'm afraid of the critisizim from when I first signed up. I look back and say, "Man, was I that STUPID!?" Oh yeah. I was a complete idiot. I wanted to make a new account to knd of... Start over. Oh crap. Speaking of me and being an idiot, T-chan's ticked that I threw her dirty pjs in the wash. I should really leave her stuff on the floor. Oh. Wait. Everything on the floor IS HER STUFF! I'm sorry, i kinda went overboard. Sorry t-chan. Dont kill me. Beggin for mercy. Okay, back to today.... We also signed more yearbooks and watched Paul Blart Mall Cop. At the end of the day, my teachers gave out awards and yearbooks. Awards were things like Most Friendly, Most Improved Effort, so on. There were also awards for the best averages for every subject. I go two awards. Highest achievement in Spelling and Vocab and i got Most Creative for my awesome acting ability, drawing skills, And musical abiliy. T-chan got Most Artistic. I always knew she was better than me. -__- Our art teacher helped judge too. She HATES Tay's guts. I mean seriously... What did she ever do to you mrs art teacher?? T-chan's really improved take a look at her portfolio. Hmmm...
Yeah that's it. Happy begininng of summer bebeh!!!!!

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