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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anime Boston, Play, Other stuff, Life.
Hi people!

Haven't been on in a while. Sorry. Time's just flying by. Can't seem to find the right time to post. ^^;;

Anime Boston was AWESOME!! I cosplayed Shizuki-chan from Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (which is hilarious by the way) My dad smiled when he saw my costume. He's so serious all the time, so I only hear him laugh when he's watching Comedy Central. T-chan cosplayed haruhi Suzumiya. There was this weird man cosplaying Haruhi, too. It was weird. I mean, to see a guy with really hairy legs walking around a mall is sooo funny. I also saw an L (Death Note) handcuffed to a Light. (Death Note) We were in the food court and my friend, Audrey was like, "Oh my god. An L attatched to a Light. O_O" Hmmm.... My top five for my favorite cosplays would have to be these. (Yeah, all of them are pairs. ^^)
#5 Sasuke and Sakura (Naruto Shipuuden)
Sasuke didn't seem too happy that I stopped them in the food court to take their picture. Sakura was just like, "Ummm.... Why take our picture now? Go away...?"
#4 Tsukasa and Kagami (Lucky Star)
They were dressed as cheerleaders. Audrey randomly screamed "oh my god Tsukasa and Kagami!!!" and then they screamed "HI!!!" back in the dealer's room.
#3 Light handcuffed to L (Death Note)
Aww. I didn't get to take their picture. Too big of a crowd near them. They looked awesome. :D
#2 Jellyfish and Sushi (Just random I guess...)
Yeah. They were giant sushi and jellyfish. They were dancing and having a good old time. T-chan had to watch them for a sec. It was tempting. XD
#1 Matt and Mello (Death Note)
Matt just looked so cute!! In the pic I took of them Matt looked so happy and girly while mello was like, "Go away or I'll shoot. >/" Yeah. Mello had a gun too >:D
We only waited in line for an hour. Much better than 4 last year. Spent most of my time in the dealer's room. I got a Tare Panda t-shirt and a Gloomy the Grizzly plushie. Gloomy has blood on his claws and mouth. There was one that was even gorier but I didn't wanna make my friends think I'm a creep. XD lol
Off of the topic of Anime boston.... Well, kind of. I saw Copic Markers there and they had a sale. I'm kind of regretting not getting them. Does anybody on TheO use them? Would you recommend them? I know their expensive but my mom said she'd pay me if I helped her with more chores around the house. I saw some tutorials on Youtube cuz i was curious how they came out. They kind of looked Photoshoped. I think it looks cool. ^^
Today was my school play rehearsal. Yeah. Sorry I hadn't told you about it earlier. It started in March. The play isn't making me that happy though. I'm only a townsperson. :/ Everyone says I deserve a much better part. My teacher who chose the cast list hates T-chan's guts and holds grudges. I can't wait to finally go to Junior High and get away from my really annoying teachers, most of which I hate. so much.... -_-
I finished the Air series. :D The ending was so sad. Thank god I wasn't in a room with tons of people. The last episode made me cry, but that's what makes an anime good, when you can personally or emotionally connect with it. ^^ I think I make a good point.
Okay!! Here's some randomness that happened today! it was so funny. :D
Yaya:" Wow Alex. That's two bags of chips in 5 minutes. O_O"
T-chan:" Weirdo."
Brandon:" That's because he's pregnant!!" (Remember, this is all happening at lunch too)
Everyone: *laughs*
Yaya:" Hmmm... The unusual cravings (He never eats chips) His random moodswings... "He's getting 'closer' to Brandon too..."
Alex: *starts uncontrolable laughter*
Oh god. Gotta get ready for volleyball back to finish this post

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