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Saturday, May 9, 2009

... Ummm... Why am I awake @ almost 7 in the morning on a weekend?? Just so used to waking up at that time, and the fact that it was hard to fall asleep last night... =_=;
Nothing is happening. I had volleyball on Thurs and yesterday. Lost both games. At least I can do my mega overhand serve again. Last season I almost hit someone in the face with it and the ball goes BOOOM and reaches the other side of the gym. >D But when this season started, I lost my magic touch to the ball and had to serve underhand. Like at most games, two people on my team kept on yelling, "C'mon guys get ready!" and "Kelly (me), move up!" "Back row get ready" and they kept on saying that over, and over again during one serve. So I just say, "Nancy, Kelly (there's two Kelly's on my team), I think we're all ready. Is that the millionth time you've said that??" *Kelly misses the ball (not me ^^;)* Me: "So, I'm guessing you werent ready."
At my game on Thursday there was a huge thunderstorm. My dad just had to park in the back. We got soaked but it was fun walking around in the rain. :3
Ah let's see... Oh yeah! ^^ I sarted watching the anime, Air. :D It's really good. I'm only on episode 6 though. I've been watching it since Tuesday. Speaking of Tuesday... Do any of you guys watch American Idol?? If you do, who do you want to win? I really don't mind whoever wins. I wasn't that happy when Allison got voted out though. I know she'll go places so I'm not that worried about her. :D PIKO PIKO!! Ha ha. potato-chan! (puppy from Air that always says Piko piko instead of bark. or woof.)
*looks around* Hm. Nobody's up yet. *looks at the TV* eew Jimmy Nutron. Seriously. In my opinion, that show has no point. Still early... I guess I'll go now. ^^ Nothing else to say. Bye bye!
Gao Gao Stegasaurus!

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