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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

omg hi
Hihi everyone!!! :3

Yay! A new playlist! Imeem was really annoying. It only played for 30 seconds! D:< Go down to the last song. Click it. Play it. Enjoy it. Laugh it out. Oh yes. I'm forced to watch this in school. It can be funny at times though. Go ahead. Click all you want >3 Yay! Japanese music!

Activity night was fun (as usual) Principal was going crazy giving out candy, necklaces, free ice cream. <3 Teachers were having a dance off. My friend rapped. The weird thing is... My friend look like Nick Jonas. Creepy. My other friend looks like Kris Allen on American Idol. btw. Can't wait to see who gets voted off >.< Everyone is so good. I couldn't decide who to vote for. Worried about Kris though. I think he's going next. Wait till I tell Brandon... he's the kid that looks like him. One of my best friends. Same with the kid who looks like Nick Jonas. Oh! My cousin just IMed me. *types back* ^^ I'm such a wonderful cousin :D
Okay... Back on topic. The weird thing is that my mom says I look like Jenifer Garner. O_O Wow. Us 3 look like celebrities.
Oh! This was funny at lunch today. We all gave eachother nicknames or mythical creatures that we are.
Yaya: Emo Vampire (... No comment)
T-chan: Gothic Lunchlady (unexpected O_o)
Audrey: Cannibal (Okay. I can beleive that. She almost choked Brandon once.)
Alex: Nick Jonas (Beleivable)
Alex #2: Unicorn of the Enchanted Forest (I made a horn for a horse animal cracker and made it jump off "The Empire State Building" XD)
Brandon: Evil Princess of the Dark Side of the Moon (WHERE did that come from?!)
Margo: Newt. (OMG A LIZARD!!)
XD lol. Yeah. My weird friends.
For some reason, Brandon and Alex #2 always make fun of our "overweight" gym teacher. it so funny though! X3 I love those too. (As friends ^^;) I also love the way Alex#2 screams. He just does it for some reason. Whenever I poke him, he just goes, "NO! Stay away from me you vampire!! *slaps my hand and runs away*" He should do that when someone asks for his cookie and forces him to give it to them. "NO! Go away you cookie stealing loser!!" *happy sigh* They always make my day ^^.:3 Yup. All of us are crazy lol.
I just got my progress report today A's and B's as usual. Nothing much happened. Always the same "A pleasure to have in class" but this time I got "Should participate more." XD Oh well. At least I'm learning something and doing it right. :D
Songs I'd recco
mend you listening to on my playlist:
The Kill
Falling Innside the Black
The dreaded last song lol
Hmmm... What else? Nothing. Oh well. Peace.
~ Emo Vampire (Yaya)

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