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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just got home from school today. My face feels all dried up cuz I was crying on the bus. Josh broke up with me. (TT_TT)
I'm not sure if he did. One of his friends in my class, Eric, said, "Josh wants to break up with you."
I said "...huh...? :( *looks down at the floor* Why?"
Eric: "I'll go ask. *leaves*"
*My bus is called* *I leave, confused, sad, and frustrated. Almost go onto a different bus cuz of unawareness and sad carelessness*
He avoided me today on the field trip. Everything was going well. I dunno what happened...
The field trip? Yeah. Boring. Went to cotton mills. I wish we could go on those fun-filled field trips like in 1st grade... I went to a museum in 1st, which half of it was almost like Chuck E Cheese with the huge 3 story climbing tunnels. There was also this thing were you could step inside and you could make a bubble around you until it went KABOOM and dissapeared. Those were the days lol.
My KH char isnt coming out too well. Nothing matches w/ blue hair n yellow eyes. Any suggestions for her hair n eyes? I can't think of anything. We came back from the field trip and since we had a good 30 min left we got to draw. I couldn't think of anything! D: Drawer's block. Yep. Worst possible time. I really need something to do since T-chan thinks I'm in "depression"
T-chan: "You ARE. Don't try to hide it."
Crap. Caught red-handed lol jk.
I only like Miyu's (mai KH char) Atlantis outfit and her Halloweentown outfit. The other design just didn't work for meh. I think it was just the color combination. trying not to copy anyone else's KH chars since I'm barely through the game and I've looked at other fancharacters.
Randomness. Can't think of a good theme for mai site. (If you haven't seen it, it's Mamotte! Lollipop) so I might change it now. Depends on mai mood I guess. Yeah. Most likely as ur reading this, it's black.
My volleyball team was annoying as usual on Mon. Even though we won our game they were just immature and snobby. Two of mai teammates (The mean girl I told you about) and another girl on my team were making fun of my best friend!!! D:< (Audrey)They were making fun of how "bad" she plays. Immitating how she hit it. God. Those types of people annoy me so much. (= =)
Yeah nothing's going on. I'll give you an update on me n Josh maybe tomorrow or Fri. *crosses fingers* Help meh!!!! XD

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