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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hihi! *waves* Today is my mom's birthday X3 I'm probably gonna draw something for her. If I really like it, I might just post it ;D

... Wow. Vacation's almost over TT_TT Just when I've been finally sleeping in. My mom saw me awake @ 7 @ the beginning of the week. Yeah. It's crazy.

>.< Crap. I don't have anything to write about. It's been rainy so I couldn't do anything for the past 2 days.

I'm in the middle of making a Kingdom Hearts character. You'll see her in a bit. I'm completely stuck on Tarzan's world >.< Can't beat that giany chameleon thing with Clayton. I died when Clayton only needed about 3 more hits with mai awesome Keyblade. Well, back on topic of my character. I've already designed her regular outfit, Halloweentown outfit, and her Atlantis outfit. Anything I missed???

Yup. That's it. Still a little early for anything to be going on. Cya later!! ;D

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Sunday, April 19, 2009


For some reason....Yaya's happy. Maybe cuz I just finished my drawing of Emi for TheO... :D
Now I'm listening to Candy from DDR XD. Yeah. The music is good :P DDR has some good japanese music.

omg yesterday I saw 17 Again. It was hilarious. I went with 3 of my friends and their moms. The moms must've been panicing cuz of the language but they said it was still great.

Ummm....Yeah. I dunno what I'm gonna do today. Maybe just stay home and relax. Well, that's what vacation's for. :3

Man. I'm the only one awake... *looks around* ... Okay.... My cat's awake but she can't talk. Lonely Yaya. Speaking of being lonely, I didn't get any comments on mai last post :O Yep. I knew people would forget meh xD. Oh well. The people who didn't are my true friends :D

Okay.... Now I'm listening to Decode by Paramore. Yeah, I know it's from the Twilight soundtrack. I never really got into Twilight. Only the movie. I just skipped to the second book after that and was bored out of my mind. New Moon is just too depressing. >:( So... I'm not really looking forward to New Moon the movie. The scary thing is that almost every girl in my class is reading it XP Sheesh just because Twilight is a movie now, it doesn't mean ur forced into reading it just to make you look cool...

Hmmm... I wonder what my next theme for my site is gonna be. Any suggestions? Or just stick with a different pattern of polka-dots? The music might be from DDR again. The one ur listening to, Baby's Tears, is fun to play on Expert. >:D Yeah. If you do nothing but play PS2 @ ur dad's house all day for 8 hours cuz he doesn't give a crap about what you do but only if he can see you, you become the type of DDR player that can do any song. Usually when I play, somebody watching says, "My brain can't process this!!"

Typing is fun.
Lets see.... anything else? No, not really. I guess that's it. *hug* cya later ;3

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Friday, April 17, 2009


Hi everyone!!!
I FINALLY posted some art. Please help meh get out of the Otakuite status. XD Nah you dun need to if you dun want to. You'd just make Yaya feel special if you looked. :3

So. What going on with you? I just made another chatbox @ the bottom of my site. *looks down* OMG my site is purple! :D Yeah. For some reason I've been having some purple freakouts. I said while I was walking into my classroom... (Dun worry, the teacher wasnt in the room) "Oh my god! Look! The Africa book is PURPLE!!" But everyone was in their own worlds or talking to someone else. Yeah. My class is chatty. My teachers warn subs about us. XD

For some reason I've been typing this a lot. <3 Yay! Spread ze luv. (-w-)

Eww. I have volleyball tonight. (=_=) I really don't feel like going. I'm always put on a team with stuck up people and people who probably think. "God. She stinks. I should tell her what to do." Sorry. I just hate it when people younger than me tell me what to do. (=_=) I freaked out when a 6 year-old told me his plan @ lazertag. Yup. XD I'm so stubborn! XD I really don't like one of my coaches. I dunno. She makes me feel like an idiot. @ last night's game her husband walked up to me and was pretty much drunk and was like "Hi. What's your name?"
"[Insert yaya's name here]"
"Let me tell you something."
"Dude! I don't even know you!!! D:<"
"That's my wife over there. *points to the coach I hate*"
"Don't be afraid to go after the ball. It won't hurt you."
"(Yaya's thoughts) ....Seriously. GO AWAY. You're bothering me you drunk idiot. I just dived for it. You seriously think I can do better?!"
And that was that.
Like husband like wife like daughter....
For some reason we won. Never expected it. I always get put on the worst team in the league. (^-^")

I like my polka-dots on mah site. <3
Yay! Today finally starts April vacation!!! :D I wonder what I'm gonna do... All I know is that I have my friend's bday and my dad's. I dunno. Hope it's fun and that the weather's nice :D
Well, I've been typing for a while so I better let you go.
Bye bye!!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

   Oh yes..... You've been wondering if this day will ever come... YAYA IS BACK (in black) lol

omg omg omg. I'm alive!!! *group hug*
Hihi everyone!! *waves like an idiot* How're you? I'm fine. Lots of things have happened since my last post on... Woah. August. Yeah.... Sad to say I'm not a fan of the Jonas Brothers anymore.... :O I dunno. I guess it was a phase lol. Ummm... Let's see... I got a new boyfriend. His name is Josh. He's been my bf since December 08 :D
I'm working on some new fanart >:D Please look. I think I've really improved. <:D Don't be afraid of meh. I dun think I'm the brat I used to be when I first joined... :/
Happy (Belated) Halloween!
Happy (Belated) Winter Holidays!
Happy (Belated) New Year!
Happy (Belated) V-day!
Happy.... Okay you get it...

Yeah. Here're my top 3 reasons I wasn't on TheO:
#1 TheO pretty much died.
#2 I had to babysit my cousins while my mom wasn't home during the summer.
#3 I downloaded one of my fav online games ever. PiStory. My mom made me quit though. D:<
#4 Nothing is intresting in my life. XD C'mon aliens!! Yaya wants something to happen!! (Wow. I just sounded like Haruhi Suzumiya. My impressions are improving. Ho ho ho. (-w-)
Crap. I really wanted to make a new account.... No more e-mails to use TT_TT My account name WAS going to be Kuro Suzuki. Stupid Adam. >:P When I started making my account it said the many times I tried... THIS E-MAIL IS ALREADY IN OUR DATABASE. PLEASE TRY AGAIN. Dude, I can't try again if I used pretty much every e-mail address in my house. (=_=) Wait. I may just have a new idea. I should ask my Pepere later...
Umm... I'm in the sixth grade now? I dunno. I guess there's nothing else to say. I'll post the openings to my fav animes I guess. (Yeah. They've chenged. Sorry Kitchen Princes isnt there. Couldn't find it.)

Vampire Knight

Mamotte! Lollipop

The funniest and goriest anime ever. Club to Death Angel Dokuro-chan. I'm going to be cosplaying her at Anime Boston '09 Can't wait!! :D

Oh yes.... The nice, long post has come to an end.
Happy Easter!!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy B-day Mami-chan!

:D The title says it all! *huggle* *Brings out cake* It has strawberries!

I think I'll finish this post when I get home from my dad's house or something. I dunno. But again, Happy Birthday!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

   Oh my good golie gosh!


That was a long break. I'm sooo crazy!


Not much is going on, that's why I haven't been posting. School gets out on the 20th, I got much better at drawing, and, well, HIYA! *glomp*

I'm gonna redo my site. Um. Yeah. Bye.

Yaya-chan 2:49 P.M

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Monday, April 14, 2008


oopsies! I'm so sorry! D: *huggie* How are you today? This is just a short random post okay?

I need to stay away from theo for a while, so I can work on schoolwork 'n stuff. I'm just so busy lately but I'll update whenever I can ok? I gots to go check out my PMs so I'll just do that now.

Mami said tons of peeps on theo have a gaia account, I'll check it out guys! :D

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

   This week!

Okay! *huggle* I'm gonna post about the week from now on, or when I feel like it!

Well, Adam broke up with me... Except I wasn't too sad about it. We never hung out anyway so I don't really care, just a tad bit ;D. This day was just a normal day for me. Except when we were playing vollyball in gym, I hit the bal so hard it went out of bounds at the other side. XD

This is where it was bad, girls started making rumors about me saying that Adam broke up with me because he thought I was gay!! ):< My mom took me to the vice principal when she heard it, now everything's fine! So don't worry about it kay?

I went to my dad's house and he took me and T-chan out to a chinese resturant. Report cards came out and I did my worst this year, 3 b's and the rest were A's. Nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Me and Max have really gotten along lately. I liked it alot! :D We played tag today at recess and I got a 102 on a spelling test. It doesn't really surprise me because I'm the best speller in my class.


I've been playing my Kingdom Hearts game alot, but I completely stink at it, I'm only on the 3rd level! XD

I'm also holding a coloring contest for my Kingdom Hearts character, Najika! ONe for her regular outfit and one for her Halloweentown outfit! :D

And that's it! I guess I'll add a tad bit more about myself right here:

Name: Kelly
Middle name: Nicole
Grade average: Mostly A's
Fave type of food: I really like Italian! :D
Love type: I'd say a boy who's cute, good at sports, smart, and has a british accent.But we can't have all of what we want! X3
Fave vid on youtube:

Anime character she'd like to marry: Kazune-kun! *hearts in eyes*
Updated fangirl list: Kazune, Jason Castro, Howl (from Howl's Moving Castle), and Hippo (from Pichi Pichi Pitch)
Best friend's name (other than T-chan) Brooke
B-day: 1/15/1997

Random accounts she has:
My Otaku: Yaya-chan! :D
Neopets: Pink Panda Plushie (thanks Mami!)
Nick.com: ringopanda
photobucket.com: weirdonerdthing

XD *huggie* Gotta go now! Bye bye!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm an idiot...

Oh crap, I forgot to post (for 6 days now)

I bet most of ya thought I wasn't gonna post on Easter. And I didn't, 1 DOLLAR FOR EVERYONE WHO THOUGHT I WOULDN'T POST!! XD

Ok... ANIME BOSTON!! (Squee)

Before I start this, I just wanna tell you guys I didn't see Cherryshock if you were wondering.

I was cosplaying Haruhi Suzumiya as some of you know. When we got there, I saw the biggest line in the history of lines I ever saw! XD We had to go in a seperate room to line up! But thank god my friend Audrey (she was Sailor Moon) was there, or else we would have needed to wait 6 hours to get in!!
There were tons of people in cosplay, I'll tell you some of my faves:

Mikuru from The Melancholy of haruhi Suzumiya
Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle
Sakura from Naruto Shippuuden
Ash from Pokemon
Bob the Builder
A dude with a TV on his head with people playing DDR
Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Okay... Back to the real postie

We were waiting for 4 hours to get in. I was starving by the time we got out! We mostly walked around and shopped. I got:

A Hello Kitty Plushie
A Cinnamoroll Pen
Haruhi Suzumiya DVD
Kazune Keychain (SQUEE!!!)

I like, died when I saw the keychain.

After that we went to an artist room where not famous artists showed off their work. Tons of people on The O are MUCH better than that!

We went to a videogame room too! There were people playing a DDR Game that didn't even come out yet! There were also people playing Rock Band, Guitar Hero 3, and even a japanese Naruto Shippuuden game for the Wii! :DD

Then we left, cuz my mom and T-chan got tired. I called them wimps cuz we only walked around for an hour.

My Easter was good. I played Rock Band at my aunt's house and went out to eat.

MCAS testing is this week in school... >_<

My dad's girlfriend's mom just died this morning of 2 types of cancer... I know one of them was lung cancer. It's really sad cuz i really wanted to get to know her more... TT_TT We're gonna send flowers to the wake cuz i don't like looking at dead things (or people) it freaks me out. ALOT.


I guess I'm not doing anything else today...

Cool. I think this is my longest post yet!

*huggie* *poke*


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Friday, March 21, 2008

   Oh God.

I haven't posted in almost a week!! Oh my gosh! *huggle* I'm so sorry!

I have the day off from school since it's Good Friday. I can't wait for Anime Boston tomorrow! The cosplay we got hasn't come in the mail yet, so I guess we're gonna need to go in our regular clothes. My friend Audrey is going as Sailor Moon, I'm supposed to go as Haruhi Suzumiya, T-chan is going as Neji Hyuga, Audrey's sister is going as Sakura Haruno, and Audreys sister's friends are cosplaying Hinata Hyuga and Temari of the Sand.

Crap. I have no clue what to do right now.


MCAS tests are next week, if you don't know what it is... It's just a stupid test just to see which state has the smartest kids. Yeah, it's weird and not called for. Kids in my class don't even wanna do it. Well, I don't at least!

What to talk about next.... hmmm....

T-chan's watching Rugrats.

I got a 102 on a math test? All I can talk about is school now!
A really hard science test was yesterday and all of the girls in my class (except me, T-chan, and another girl) freaked out so much, that they played this trivia game show during reccess to study.

Also yesterday, Mary started crying at reccess and blamed it on me and T-chan!
She got this HUGE crowd of people to comfrt her and to hate us. This is what happened:

Me: *having a conversation with another girl and T-chan*

Random girl I don't know: *walks up to us and interupts our conversation* "Hey, you made Mary cry didn't you?!?"

Me: "No, I only said hi to her."
T-chan: "I didn't even talk to her today!"
Girl I don't know: *grabs my hand and takes me to Mary*

So there's this huge group of girls staring at me and T-chan. And they start screaming at me.

Me: *speaking to the girls* *sigh* "You people do know that Mary doesn't get much attention at home, so she's just pretending to cry to get you to notice her. She just likes attention!"

T-chan: "Yeah. Mary's also trying to get revenge on us for no good reason."

One girl: "Look, just leave her alone you freak."

Me: "Come on Tay, before we lose any friends"

T-chan: *follows*

Audrey: *follows*

End of disscussion.

After that at my locker I kept on saying "What the french toast!"

I'm only typing this much cuz I'm bored.

Easter is Sunday!! :D Can't wait!

Tomorrow I'll tell you guys all about Anime Boston okay?

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