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Monday, July 6, 2009

Hi guys!!
Have a good 4th? Mine was okay. My uncle canceled his annual cookout/ fireworks show/ party because he went up north. He also cancelled cause his son just got married a week ago. So I had to resort to going over my dad's friend's dad's house for a while. There wasn't much to do. Everyone there was either old or a highschooler that couldn't care any less about me and T-chan. The pool was freezing. XD So we went over to the neighbor's house to go in the hot tub. lol. After that, we went to our Aunt's house, which had our mom's side of the family. Once again, everyone is much older than us so we were treated like 9 year olds. Again. Our other cousins were 4 and 2. I got really annoyed because I wwanted to join the guy's waterballoon fight. they kept saying, "Kelly and Taylor! I wanna play 'Tag! Your it!'" For some odd reason. I think that they think my name is actually "Kelly and Taylor" instead of just Kelly. XD Oh well. They'll figure it out one day. When we were about to leave to go to my uncle's house, which is where the party was supposed to be, my cousins Liv and Jake came. Oh my god. Some normal people. Me, Tay, and Liv talked for a while. (Oh my god. My cat just jumped on the desk and headbutted me. lol) After staying at my Aunt's for a little while longer, we went home, changed into some jeans and a sweatshirt, and we headed off to the lake, where my uncle's house is. It was so weird to see his house deserted like that. It was really dark. XD Me, Tay, Liv, and Jake went onto the dock and watched the fireworks from there for about an hour.Liv was afraid to feel the water because she thought a fish was going to bite her hand. lol. :3 I stuck my hand in about five times for her to realize that the water is safe. *looks over at the chair in the corner* Aww... >w< Petey (my dog) is laying on the chair. He looks sad. :o I guess it's because my mom just left for work. Petey's a total momma's boy. He sleeps in between my dad and her.
That was my 4th. Wanna tell me about yours??
My pool party was the day before. Wow! Now THAT was fun! I made cupcakes that look like the party guests faces. They weer so cute! I took a picture of them with my camera. I was proud of my achievement. lol. Cupcake decorating.
T-chan and I showed everyone the videos from our school's luau. Even Brandon's video, "Sensei Swears-a-lot from China" Okay Brandon, you really went overboard on that. O_o He doesn't care usually, but he hid in the middle of the video. lol. Hard to believe Brandon (of all people) can get embarrassed like that. He usually yells everything he says and doesn't care what people think about him.
Okay!! Back to the party!!
After the videos, we went in the pool. Nick ticked T-chan off. He jumped out of the pool because Tay wanted to tackle him. lol. We also had a HUGE water balloon fight. Then we went back into the pool some more. Audrey tackled Doug the Terrorist and left marks on his back. Oops. XD. Brandon said a weird comment about Alex and Audrey having the hots for each other. That got both of them mad. lol. It was funny though. Nick pretended he was Super Nick and tied his towel around his neck like a cape. We started filling more water balloons. I got Brandon in the face on accident. He got me back by pushing me in the pool. Well Brandon, I'm sorry. You should know that I'm not an athletic person. I tried to hit Nick!! XD Jake shoved his cupcake in Liv's face. That was funny. Later, Vicki got Nick in the face. Brandon's shorts ripped. lol. My mom lent me some of my stepbrother's. Then we all got changed, went into my room, and started playing video games. Some people screamed random things out the window while they were waiting for a turn. They were screaming things like,
"Hey! You look hot in those shorts, bebeh!!"
"Want some fried chicken?!"
"Oh my god! There's a terrorist (Doug)in my house! Save me!"
"I can see my house from here!"
While we weer in the house, it rained. At least it only rained for about ten minutes. We roasted marshmallows and played with sparklers outside. Then people played tag in the dark, while being bitten by misquitoes. Brandon and Doug tripped in the "hill thing" next to my driveway. They laughed it off. Alex got hit in the head with a pool noodle. Everyone went home at around 10.
I should have another party like that. Except itnstead of an "Oh my god we're free from that horrible dungeon of learning" party, we should have an, "Great. Back to School. Woo." party.
That's it. Check out mai fan art. I added some stuff! <3 *huggle* Baiz!

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Monday, June 29, 2009


Hi guys! How're you? I'm fine, just a little bored. My mom and T-chan went for a walk with my dog. It looks like it's gonna rain (wow, that's new... ;>_>)
Yeah. It's been raining so much that I had to cancel my pool party yesterday. >:O At least the weather looks good for Friday, the day we moved it. That day, more people can come too! Only like, 7 people could go yesterday, so we called them and said we needed to move it to Friday cause of the weather. It's so crazy! It hardly feels like it's summer vacation. I've only been in my pool once this summer. -__-
I've been having a random obsession with "Vocaloid" for some reason. It's soooo cute! My favorites Vocaloids are Miku Hatsune and Rin Kagamine. The songs are so cute and catchy. These vids are cute too.

:3 Yesh. Now my obsession makes me want to cosplay more. >w< The crappy thing is that the next anime con that's in my area is in November. Crap. >_< Well, gives me an excuse to get a new costume since my Shizuki cosplay I wore to Anime Boston '09 probably won't fit me by then.
Yeah, nothing's going on. Read my last post for some info on what's happening in my life.
My friend's sister had a party on Saturday so me 'n T-chan went to keep her company. They were prank calling the XBox 360 technical support people.
"Hello, XBox 360 technical support. What is your name?"
"Richard. uhh... James." (A girl is talking)
"Hi, may I call you Rich?"
"Yeah, sure."
"What is your problem?"
"yeah, I, uhh, found lobster poo in my XBox."
"Lobster poo? Where and when did you purchase the XBox?"
"Wal Mart. A month ago."
"A month ago? Didn't you open it today?"
"Yeah, it's my daughter's birthday. I bought it when it was on sale. That's what we do. :/"
Yup. The next one is funny. I don't think I'm allowed to type some of the other ones. O_O;; Those aren't my friends. Me, T-chan, and Audrey joined them cuz we didn't have anything to do.
"Hello, XBox 360 technical support. What is your name?"
"Thomas, Jones?"
"Can I call you Tom?"
"Sure, I'm a pretty laid-back guy. I go with the flow."
"What is your problem?"
"Okay, sir. Calm doing. Describe the situation."
"Yeah, ummm, there's blood involved."
"Yeah. Don't mind my son. Continue."
"Is everything okay, sir? I'm going to disconnect from you now. Call the paramedics. Good-bye.
"Bye, I'll call you back in 2 years." *hangs up*

Yup. XD Like I said, there were other ones, but... Oh. Like I said. It's raining. Not raining raining. POURING. Wow. Poor T-chan. Poor mom. Poor Petey. <:[
I suggest you go to my last post. mmmmkay??
Here's the link to my newest artwork I posted:
... Okay, my computer's lagging so copy and paste this:

Oh!! Also, please check out my new world, "::Above the Clouds::" It's going to be my second blog since many people have abandoned MyOtaku. Please? Pretty please? Thanks!!
With <3, Yaya

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Monday, June 22, 2009


Oh my god. Finally. School is over!!! :D Oh. Oops. I forgot to say hi to you all. Hai! Like I said, school is finally over. Yay summer vacation!! Lots of things have been goin on. I guess I'll start off about two weeks ago, my school play. Oh! Fyi, I'm using my iPod touch for this entry. :P
Ah yes. The play. The play was Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp. I played a townsperson if you didn't know already. The play on the first day was a total wreck. Aladdin's sword broke in the middlw of the fight, the Genie completely messed up his lines, the princess's microphone wasn't working. My club for the angry mob broke right before the show started ect. The second show was better, but we had to skip two pages of diologue. A random teddybear flew into the audiencd too. Nobody understood the jokes either.
Genie: By the way, the princess said you needed a second.
Aladdin: Oh yeah! She did say that! ....(long pause) What's a second?
Genie: You dont wanna think about it.
Aladdin: OH! I get it! A SECOND enters the battle if the FIRST.... (nervouse ughh sound)

(magician has sword is up to Aladdin's neck) (Genie appears)
Genie: I am the genie of the lamp! I am ready to obey thee! What would you have me do?
Magician: (shocked) WHAT!?
Aladdin: Oh take a guess!!!

Yeah. Random. My lines were so weird though.
Aladdin: ...would you need my help by any chance?
Me: You? What would I need your help for? What could you possibly do for me?

Magician: I must get that lamp!!
Me: Look everybody! The Grand Vizier!
( the court was performing a play for the king)
Sheherazade: And everyone lived happily ever after...
Me: So your majesty, wasn't that the most wonderful tale you've ever heard?

Sheherazade: And wih that my friends I must say adieu
(i run to he dictionary on WHEELS.)

Yup. Weird.
My school also had some awesome grade 6 activities. We had classroom vs classroom trivia. My class won the third year in a row. We also had field day. But not just any field day. There was softball, tug of war, volleyball, scooter racing, basketball, bouncy house things, more basketball, kickball, blow up twister, obstacle courses, and more races!!! Omg it was so much fun!! We got our yearbooks after and we went onto the front lawn for everyone to sign. Wednesday was the teacher vs student softball game. Teachers won. 11 to 3. They win every year. Thursday was our graduation since I'll be goin to jr high next year. We got to skip school afteewards with our principal's permission. Friday waz our annual grade 6 luau!!! >3< omg it was so fun!! I might post some vids T-chan made there. I'll tell u when they're up. ;D
Today-----Last day of school. Today was okay, just bored wih nothing to do but play board games. I just colored. Yes, I got copics. I might post some stuff. I duuno. I dont feel like my art has reached theo's ummm.... Requirements? I dunno. I'm afraid of the critisizim from when I first signed up. I look back and say, "Man, was I that STUPID!?" Oh yeah. I was a complete idiot. I wanted to make a new account to knd of... Start over. Oh crap. Speaking of me and being an idiot, T-chan's ticked that I threw her dirty pjs in the wash. I should really leave her stuff on the floor. Oh. Wait. Everything on the floor IS HER STUFF! I'm sorry, i kinda went overboard. Sorry t-chan. Dont kill me. Beggin for mercy. Okay, back to today.... We also signed more yearbooks and watched Paul Blart Mall Cop. At the end of the day, my teachers gave out awards and yearbooks. Awards were things like Most Friendly, Most Improved Effort, so on. There were also awards for the best averages for every subject. I go two awards. Highest achievement in Spelling and Vocab and i got Most Creative for my awesome acting ability, drawing skills, And musical abiliy. T-chan got Most Artistic. I always knew she was better than me. -__- Our art teacher helped judge too. She HATES Tay's guts. I mean seriously... What did she ever do to you mrs art teacher?? T-chan's really improved take a look at her portfolio. Hmmm...
Yeah that's it. Happy begininng of summer bebeh!!!!!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nothing?! O_o

Wow. Nothing is going on in my life. So bored.... for so long.... Once again, I feel like Haruhi Suzumiya, wanting something intresting to happen. I'm bored. -__- Help meh.
Once again? Should I get copic markers?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anime Boston, Play, Other stuff, Life.

Hi people!

Haven't been on in a while. Sorry. Time's just flying by. Can't seem to find the right time to post. ^^;;

Anime Boston was AWESOME!! I cosplayed Shizuki-chan from Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (which is hilarious by the way) My dad smiled when he saw my costume. He's so serious all the time, so I only hear him laugh when he's watching Comedy Central. T-chan cosplayed haruhi Suzumiya. There was this weird man cosplaying Haruhi, too. It was weird. I mean, to see a guy with really hairy legs walking around a mall is sooo funny. I also saw an L (Death Note) handcuffed to a Light. (Death Note) We were in the food court and my friend, Audrey was like, "Oh my god. An L attatched to a Light. O_O" Hmmm.... My top five for my favorite cosplays would have to be these. (Yeah, all of them are pairs. ^^)
#5 Sasuke and Sakura (Naruto Shipuuden)
Sasuke didn't seem too happy that I stopped them in the food court to take their picture. Sakura was just like, "Ummm.... Why take our picture now? Go away...?"
#4 Tsukasa and Kagami (Lucky Star)
They were dressed as cheerleaders. Audrey randomly screamed "oh my god Tsukasa and Kagami!!!" and then they screamed "HI!!!" back in the dealer's room.
#3 Light handcuffed to L (Death Note)
Aww. I didn't get to take their picture. Too big of a crowd near them. They looked awesome. :D
#2 Jellyfish and Sushi (Just random I guess...)
Yeah. They were giant sushi and jellyfish. They were dancing and having a good old time. T-chan had to watch them for a sec. It was tempting. XD
#1 Matt and Mello (Death Note)
Matt just looked so cute!! In the pic I took of them Matt looked so happy and girly while mello was like, "Go away or I'll shoot. >/" Yeah. Mello had a gun too >:D
We only waited in line for an hour. Much better than 4 last year. Spent most of my time in the dealer's room. I got a Tare Panda t-shirt and a Gloomy the Grizzly plushie. Gloomy has blood on his claws and mouth. There was one that was even gorier but I didn't wanna make my friends think I'm a creep. XD lol
Off of the topic of Anime boston.... Well, kind of. I saw Copic Markers there and they had a sale. I'm kind of regretting not getting them. Does anybody on TheO use them? Would you recommend them? I know their expensive but my mom said she'd pay me if I helped her with more chores around the house. I saw some tutorials on Youtube cuz i was curious how they came out. They kind of looked Photoshoped. I think it looks cool. ^^
Today was my school play rehearsal. Yeah. Sorry I hadn't told you about it earlier. It started in March. The play isn't making me that happy though. I'm only a townsperson. :/ Everyone says I deserve a much better part. My teacher who chose the cast list hates T-chan's guts and holds grudges. I can't wait to finally go to Junior High and get away from my really annoying teachers, most of which I hate. so much.... -_-
I finished the Air series. :D The ending was so sad. Thank god I wasn't in a room with tons of people. The last episode made me cry, but that's what makes an anime good, when you can personally or emotionally connect with it. ^^ I think I make a good point.
Okay!! Here's some randomness that happened today! it was so funny. :D
Yaya:" Wow Alex. That's two bags of chips in 5 minutes. O_O"
T-chan:" Weirdo."
Brandon:" That's because he's pregnant!!" (Remember, this is all happening at lunch too)
Everyone: *laughs*
Yaya:" Hmmm... The unusual cravings (He never eats chips) His random moodswings... "He's getting 'closer' to Brandon too..."
Alex: *starts uncontrolable laughter*
Oh god. Gotta get ready for volleyball back to finish this post

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Monday, May 11, 2009


Hi everyone!! Hi people I gave this website out to (Audrey, Brandon, Alex, Margoux). :D Welcome to my otaku if ur looking right now!!
Okay. I only have volleyball tonight. This is gonna be a short post. I might post some fanart up too. Bonbon's getting a new look, for the millionth time. My art teacher ticked T-chan off as usual. Alex and Brandon made fun of our overweight gym teacher who claims to used to be in the navy. Alex pretended his lunchbox was the teacher and his waterbottle was the Empire State building. He destroyed the bottle. XD We also had a stupid assembly during recess. Why at this time?! Why?! Well, MCAS IS tomorrow.... We've been having 3 periods of math a day.... So brainwashing. You feel so tired when we walk out the classroom. Somebody usually says FREEDOM!!!!
EDIT: omg just found this on someone's site!! try it out!

St8 Names Meme


2 . YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (First 3 letters of real name plus izzle)
- Kelizzle?? (okay. No comment)
3 . YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (Fav color and fav animal)
- Pink Panda. <3 (omg so kawaii!)

4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (The first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)
- Lefkel. (Once again. No comment.)

5. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: (Your 2nd favorite color, and favorite drink)
- Black Cocoa! (Oh yeah. Just watch meh fly around and fling chocolate at u.)

6. YOUR IRAQI NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, first two letters of your middle name, last two letters of your first name then last three letters of your last name)

7.YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (Both parents middle names)
- Marie William (Hm. Guess this is okay.)

8. YOUR GOTH NAME: (Black, and the name of one of your pets)
- Black Cookie (Mai fat kitty!!! :3)
omg Funny vid

Still, nothing going on. Cya tonight Audrey (if ur reading)
~Yaya, Kelly, Emo Vampire

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Saturday, May 9, 2009


... Ummm... Why am I awake @ almost 7 in the morning on a weekend?? Just so used to waking up at that time, and the fact that it was hard to fall asleep last night... =_=;
Nothing is happening. I had volleyball on Thurs and yesterday. Lost both games. At least I can do my mega overhand serve again. Last season I almost hit someone in the face with it and the ball goes BOOOM and reaches the other side of the gym. >D But when this season started, I lost my magic touch to the ball and had to serve underhand. Like at most games, two people on my team kept on yelling, "C'mon guys get ready!" and "Kelly (me), move up!" "Back row get ready" and they kept on saying that over, and over again during one serve. So I just say, "Nancy, Kelly (there's two Kelly's on my team), I think we're all ready. Is that the millionth time you've said that??" *Kelly misses the ball (not me ^^;)* Me: "So, I'm guessing you werent ready."
At my game on Thursday there was a huge thunderstorm. My dad just had to park in the back. We got soaked but it was fun walking around in the rain. :3
Ah let's see... Oh yeah! ^^ I sarted watching the anime, Air. :D It's really good. I'm only on episode 6 though. I've been watching it since Tuesday. Speaking of Tuesday... Do any of you guys watch American Idol?? If you do, who do you want to win? I really don't mind whoever wins. I wasn't that happy when Allison got voted out though. I know she'll go places so I'm not that worried about her. :D PIKO PIKO!! Ha ha. potato-chan! (puppy from Air that always says Piko piko instead of bark. or woof.)
*looks around* Hm. Nobody's up yet. *looks at the TV* eew Jimmy Nutron. Seriously. In my opinion, that show has no point. Still early... I guess I'll go now. ^^ Nothing else to say. Bye bye!
Gao Gao Stegasaurus!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

omg hi

Hihi everyone!!! :3

Yay! A new playlist! Imeem was really annoying. It only played for 30 seconds! D:< Go down to the last song. Click it. Play it. Enjoy it. Laugh it out. Oh yes. I'm forced to watch this in school. It can be funny at times though. Go ahead. Click all you want >3 Yay! Japanese music!

Activity night was fun (as usual) Principal was going crazy giving out candy, necklaces, free ice cream. <3 Teachers were having a dance off. My friend rapped. The weird thing is... My friend look like Nick Jonas. Creepy. My other friend looks like Kris Allen on American Idol. btw. Can't wait to see who gets voted off >.< Everyone is so good. I couldn't decide who to vote for. Worried about Kris though. I think he's going next. Wait till I tell Brandon... he's the kid that looks like him. One of my best friends. Same with the kid who looks like Nick Jonas. Oh! My cousin just IMed me. *types back* ^^ I'm such a wonderful cousin :D
Okay... Back on topic. The weird thing is that my mom says I look like Jenifer Garner. O_O Wow. Us 3 look like celebrities.
Oh! This was funny at lunch today. We all gave eachother nicknames or mythical creatures that we are.
Yaya: Emo Vampire (... No comment)
T-chan: Gothic Lunchlady (unexpected O_o)
Audrey: Cannibal (Okay. I can beleive that. She almost choked Brandon once.)
Alex: Nick Jonas (Beleivable)
Alex #2: Unicorn of the Enchanted Forest (I made a horn for a horse animal cracker and made it jump off "The Empire State Building" XD)
Brandon: Evil Princess of the Dark Side of the Moon (WHERE did that come from?!)
Margo: Newt. (OMG A LIZARD!!)
XD lol. Yeah. My weird friends.
For some reason, Brandon and Alex #2 always make fun of our "overweight" gym teacher. it so funny though! X3 I love those too. (As friends ^^;) I also love the way Alex#2 screams. He just does it for some reason. Whenever I poke him, he just goes, "NO! Stay away from me you vampire!! *slaps my hand and runs away*" He should do that when someone asks for his cookie and forces him to give it to them. "NO! Go away you cookie stealing loser!!" *happy sigh* They always make my day ^^.:3 Yup. All of us are crazy lol.
I just got my progress report today A's and B's as usual. Nothing much happened. Always the same "A pleasure to have in class" but this time I got "Should participate more." XD Oh well. At least I'm learning something and doing it right. :D
Songs I'd recco
mend you listening to on my playlist:
The Kill
Falling Innside the Black
The dreaded last song lol
Hmmm... What else? Nothing. Oh well. Peace.
~ Emo Vampire (Yaya)

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Friday, May 1, 2009


Omg hi. I'm typing this with my iPod touch :D
Sitting. In my room. Drawing Bonbon. Yeah. I'm a little excited. X3 Tonight's my school's activity night!!!
Omg it'll be awesome. Food, karaoke, games, forcing my teachers to do the chicken dance with my principal.... :)

Ok. About Josh n me..... He did. Kinda unexpected. Didn't see it coming.

Nothing to say. Only one thing. MOO MOO MILK.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just got home from school today. My face feels all dried up cuz I was crying on the bus. Josh broke up with me. (TT_TT)
I'm not sure if he did. One of his friends in my class, Eric, said, "Josh wants to break up with you."
I said "...huh...? :( *looks down at the floor* Why?"
Eric: "I'll go ask. *leaves*"
*My bus is called* *I leave, confused, sad, and frustrated. Almost go onto a different bus cuz of unawareness and sad carelessness*
He avoided me today on the field trip. Everything was going well. I dunno what happened...
The field trip? Yeah. Boring. Went to cotton mills. I wish we could go on those fun-filled field trips like in 1st grade... I went to a museum in 1st, which half of it was almost like Chuck E Cheese with the huge 3 story climbing tunnels. There was also this thing were you could step inside and you could make a bubble around you until it went KABOOM and dissapeared. Those were the days lol.
My KH char isnt coming out too well. Nothing matches w/ blue hair n yellow eyes. Any suggestions for her hair n eyes? I can't think of anything. We came back from the field trip and since we had a good 30 min left we got to draw. I couldn't think of anything! D: Drawer's block. Yep. Worst possible time. I really need something to do since T-chan thinks I'm in "depression"
T-chan: "You ARE. Don't try to hide it."
Crap. Caught red-handed lol jk.
I only like Miyu's (mai KH char) Atlantis outfit and her Halloweentown outfit. The other design just didn't work for meh. I think it was just the color combination. trying not to copy anyone else's KH chars since I'm barely through the game and I've looked at other fancharacters.
Randomness. Can't think of a good theme for mai site. (If you haven't seen it, it's Mamotte! Lollipop) so I might change it now. Depends on mai mood I guess. Yeah. Most likely as ur reading this, it's black.
My volleyball team was annoying as usual on Mon. Even though we won our game they were just immature and snobby. Two of mai teammates (The mean girl I told you about) and another girl on my team were making fun of my best friend!!! D:< (Audrey)They were making fun of how "bad" she plays. Immitating how she hit it. God. Those types of people annoy me so much. (= =)
Yeah nothing's going on. I'll give you an update on me n Josh maybe tomorrow or Fri. *crosses fingers* Help meh!!!! XD

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