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Friday, October 6, 2006

   BUSY!!!!! (Sorry All)
Hi All^_^ OMG its been so long sense iv made a new post here oh well time to get to the point of this post.

I'd like to say sorry to all of you that i don't talk to that much anymore I'm a busy person now and cant really seem to find the time XD and its hard to get on cause of the fact that my bro and my mom use's this CP to -_- and my bro hogs it-_-
.PS. I'm hoping to get to change the site around for Halloween this month and then change it again after to something New^_^
and rearrange every thing to.

Oh ya and If Any One Wants to talk to me or ask me anything just send me a message here or E-Mail Me at Yashashi@aol.com and just first say it on the Subject thing that your not a spamer that your from MyOtaku.com just cause i well Delete if it ends up in my spam folder cause i delete my spam without looking at it if i don't know the person sending it to me k? So I'm Going To Shut Up Now^_^

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