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Friday, November 4, 2005

   FINALLY... A Video!!! ^___^

How do you guys like the new layout? I'm gonna stick with AtemuxYuugi for quite awhile, considering how much I love that pairing and my koi.

Naruki didn't get to come out here, bacause of two reasons: (1)Her mom stole her ID (as many of you know from my last post); and (2)Her mom threatened her by saying she wouldn't have a home to come back to if she chose to come out and see me. X_X

I'll have to be honest by saying I'm REALLY not liking her mom's overall attitude. She found out Naruki is les and thinks it's all just a delusion. -_- I swear, narrow-minded people piss me off. She even took away her net privilages so she can't get in touch with me (or so her small mind thinks). We've managed to get around these restrictions and keep in contact. Nothing and no one will keep us apart. Love always finds a way.

So, yea, back to my explaination of the theme and new video. ^^; This whole theme is dedicated to my koi and I's devotion to one another. Light and Dark belong together. They provide balance and support for one another. The video was a stroke of fate. I happened upon it while surfing various YGO sites for avis. Everytime I watch it, it brings tears to my eyes. ;_; I just love my hikari so much and want to hold her so bad, it eats me away. The video and song expresses perfectly my feelings for my koi. The title the creaters gave it (Soulmate) was another sign of fate. I do believe she is my soulmate. =^__^= I hope you guys enjoy it, too. It's gonna be up there for quite awhile. XD

Nothing much else to report, so I'll take my leave.

QOFT: Who's the artist that sang "How Can I Not Love You"? I would REALLY appreciate it if someone told me, cuz I want to either download the song or get that woman's cds. ^__^ Thanks a ton guys! Love ya!

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