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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

   Not Too Good...

I'm not feeling too well and I'm hoping it's not a sign that I might be coming down with something. -_- My butterfly is coming to visit me in a week and I don't want any complications. I'm taking my vitamins and Echinacea to try and fight whatever this is, so, hopefully, my efforts pay off. *crosses fingers*

Other than that, not too much has been happening. The weather out here has been great! ^__^ Rainy and cold; perfect weather, in my eyes! XD I hope it stays this way.

Health wise, I'm still in the crapper, putting it mildly. -_- I'm going to have some nerve tests done, which are supposed to be rather uncomfortable, but I'm willing to go through it if it means learning more about my problems. My specialist told me that my options are becoming very limited. Such as: surgery, Cortisone injection, or live with it. Those are my remaining options if I can't find another solution elsewhere. v_v It's very upsetting and I don't want to choose from any of those. *heavy sigh* I'm confused and frustrated, to say the least. I, honestly, don't know what my next step should be.

In more cheerful news, my koi and I have officially finished our last AtemuxYuugi RP and are starting on a whole new one. ^___^ This one is gonna be awesome! I created a YGO rp community on LiveJournal.com called rp_ygo_paradise and it's gonna consist of characters from Atemu's reign in ancient Egypt. The part of the Pharaoh is, of course, yours truly and Yuugi's part is played my koi, of course. =^_^= Basically, Atemu is a bastard who treats his people poorly, thus he constantly hires on new slaves and entertainers to keep himself amused. On a not-so-special day, Yuugi happens to be one of the peasants brought in to be one of Atemu's new slaves. Yes, you heard right. In our story, little Yuugi is a peasant and will become Atemu's slave. *evil glint* I had the idea for this plot line quite awhile ago, but I was never too sure if my koi was willing to do it. Then, in an email she sent me, she raved about how excited she was in taking part in my new rp. She, then, said the magical words I wanted to read, "... we could do a master/slave theme with yuugi as Atemu's slave." ^_____^ I was overjoyed!

So, anyway, the Pharaoh was, somehow, drawn to the little peasant and decided to make him his new slave. If you guys would like to read the beginning of the story, I'll give you the link. You'll have to be a member of LiveJournal.com to read it... I believe. ^^; It is a community, so I would only assume you'd need a membership to view special places within the site. Btw, I'm recruiting people who want to rp as character in the story. If you like YGO, rping, and are a member of LJ, then by all means join up. ^__^ So far, no one has stumbled across my community, so I'm a little antsy. ^^; You don't have to, though. My butterfly and I can do the whole RP and I can let you guys know how the story's progressing. ^__^ That could work, too. Anyhoo, here's the link, in case you're curious: rp_ygo_paradise

I guess I'll take my leave now. I need rest in order to fight this bug. -_- But before I go, I need to post something...

I know it's not a lot of hits, but it means a lot to me. Thank you everybody for stickin' by me and being the great friends that you are. *hugs everyone and hands you all cookies* You deserve the very best in life. I love you guys! Ja ne! *waves happily*

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