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Thursday, August 4, 2005

Random Story
Random story
I have always wanted to form my own rock band. Although my parents disapprove the fact that their only daughter is a punk rocker, still this illusion never left my mind. Of course my best friend is into hip-hop; still I respect her likes and dislikes. My friends and I went to a concert bout 4 mounts ago, and on that wicked cool night we decided to for a band that would please us all. I would play guitar and back-up sing, but none of my friends knew how to play bass, and all our bass alternatives were not as good has we would had hoped to. I decided that since nobody else could play bass, I would self teach myself how. Now I'm selling all my stuff to by my own bass. Which I actually don't mind that much. I would be lying if I said this band is a success. Still we are going to keep trying because we want our four years of High school to be a blast. That is, before I leave.

Nightmare Angels

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