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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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It's me again, not much going on today, just sitting here posting. Im also listening to the new Alanis Morissette cd that just came out. I bought it this morning before i left work, its basically a compilation of her best songs, now i wont have to download them or buy a bunch of cds to get the good songs lol. I also noticed that i got some visitors yesterday lol. Oddly enough, i got a PM from a myotaku user by the name of Vicious2 and all it said was "it's coming..........." I dont know what he's talking about, but im not at all worried about it, the worse that can happen is that my site could get messed up and if that happens, ill just make another one..... again lol. While on the subject of my site, ive made a few minor changes to it today, i hope to change the music tommorrow and maybe the color as well. Other than that i havent been up to much, work last night was crappy, i got stuck with all the work while the other guy played around all night, he was suppose to help me, but in the end i finished by myself, i left 30 minutes late, but i finished at the exact time i estimated i would. Tonight will be easier though, so im not worried about it. Well, im going to head to bed, ill see you all tommorrow,

stay strong,
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