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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Work and stuff lol

Hey guys,

Not much going on today. Well yesterday i didnt get much sleep, so when i got home from work i was pretty tired. I sat down , ate some cereal and watched a movie called "Blade Runner". Its a futuristic movie that was made in the 80's about humans creating humanoid/ cybernetic clones and how they go out of control. The Blade Runners are the people who hunt these humanoids down and "retire" them before they become a threat. Harrison Ford is the main star and if you are a fan of Ghost in the shell, or Evangelion, i reccomend this movie to you. The visual style and situations of the film really do have similarities with alot of the famous anime titles of today. To me personally, I felt that it reminded me alot of the Evangelion series, not necessarily story wise, but the lighting and the mood of the film, as well as the lessons and biblical prophecies that are brought forth made me laugh at myself and Evangelion automatically came to mind ^^ I was going to post pics of anime today, but my scanner wont work, so it will probably be a couple of days before i can get it back up and running ^^

Well, i gotta head to bed so i can get a decent amount of sleep for work tonight ^^

stay strong,


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